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  5. "C'est le vin parfait."


"C'est le vin parfait."

December 30, 2012



why is it a mistake to translate it as: " this wine is perfect"


because "this wine is perfect" translates in "ce vin est parfait".

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and why is it a mistake to translate it as: “the wine is perfect”?


Because in that case, the French would have been "le vin est parfait"


Why is wrong to translate it to "It is perfect wine?" Why does it have to be "THE perfect wine"? I actually studied French for SEVEN YEARS and both are acceptable. This is extremely flawed.


You have to understand Duolingo's rules and accept them. In this case, only two direct translations are possible: it is the perfect wine (if they put "the" you have to put "le") or this is the perfect wine. That sentence is not a special phrase or an idiom, it is just a claim and it has to be translated as close as possible to the original version.

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