"C'est la plus petite ville en population et en surface de cette région."

December 30, 2012


I think that, in English, we would be more likely to translate 'surface' as 'area' rather than 'surface.'

December 30, 2012


January 16, 2013


December 30, 2012

i also agree

July 2, 2013

it is the smallest town in population and area of this region

July 6, 2013

This is the smallest town in population and in surface area We would rather say this in English

July 6, 2013

Robert (my son's french dictionary left over from school) also defines 'en' as by so:

This is the smallest town BY population and BY area in this region

July 21, 2013

I agree. I'd say by area and by population

July 24, 2013

I agree; I was expecting to lose a heart for it too.

July 31, 2013

Tossing another agree in there!

July 4, 2013

...and another from me!

July 8, 2013

I would say, "This is the smallest town in or ("by", would also be okay, since this is what it is defined by) population and regional area"...but it marked it incorrect, oh, well...

July 30, 2013
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