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  5. "Один, два, три"

"Один, два, три"

Translation:One, two, three

July 22, 2015



Does Ukrainian do anything like the Russian "raz, dwa, tri?"


Yes, раз can be used instead of один when counting.


what does the raz mean? When I was in Ukraine recently, my friends had a hard time explaining it.


"Раз" can be translated as "once" and it can be counted, it would look like "(один) раз, два рази, три рази" that is, "this happened to me once, twice, three times". Also, "раз" is often used at the beginning of the count instead of "one". It would look like "раз, два, три". I hope that I have explained it clearly..


Why don't acept my answer?


What did you type? I have found that I mistype things all the time and I have to look over my answer many times before I can see what I typed wrong. If you put your answer here, I can look into it for you.

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