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"Where did you travel in summer?"

Translation:Де ти подорожував влітку?

July 22, 2015



Привіт! I have a small question. Подорожувати shows movement, right? So, shouldn't it be куди instead of де? Thanks in advance :)


It can be both.

Куди, if there were one or just a few destinitations (possible answers: у Париж, у гори, у Лондон і Токіо) and де, if there were a lot of different places and you don't have to name all of them (possible answers: Францією - across France, Європою - across Europe)


Is it considered OK in Ukrainian? In Russian «путешествовать куда-то» is quite rare, though possible. Normally we use the Russian counterpart of this verb to describe trips over some area rather than to some specific end point.

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