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  5. "Стара синагога на площі."

"Стара синагога на площі."

Translation:The old synagogue is at the square.

July 22, 2015



"in the square" and "on the square" are used interchangeably or idiosyncratically by native English speakers, I believe.


I wrote on the square and it was not accepted. It sounds perfectly natural to me as a native English speaker, even better than At The Square


If a non-native speaker said "at the square," I would point out to him that natives say "on the square," or possibly "in the square," if one is not talking about a building.


totally I'm not sure what the point of reporting wrong answers are because they don't change it I write on the square and it says wrong.


At the square doesn't sound good English


Come on, the old sinagogue and an old sinagogue is the same in Ukrainian!


when hovering over "на" the hint is

<pre> на площі at the square for, at, on, to, in </pre>

when hovering over "площі" the hint is

<pre> на площі at the square square NEW WORD </pre>

How do the hints lead to the translation "on the square?"

How is the student response evaluated when more than one hint word fits the translation. In this case, at, on, in, all work. At and on are accepted, in is not.

And, I would say у/в площі to be in the square. If that is correct, why provide in as a hint and possible translation?

Is this a beta issue, or simply my unfamiliarity with DL language curriculum delivery.

Questions, questions, anybody have a hint? :)


We would never say "у площі". It's either на площі (in the majority of cases) or біля площі, if something is going on in close proximity to the square. You can also say посередині площі (in the center of the square)


Mia culpa! I did not mean to state that I would say, I should have written ...I would translate у/в площі ...

Disagree that 'in the square' is highly improbable. There are many things that can be 'in the square', a fountain, stage, farmers market, parking, sculpture, seating and, yes, maybe even a small, old building. So, while not improbable, it is not very common.

I would also argue that "at the square" is not a common phrase, but it is accepted as correct.

However, I need to return to the basic question; what is the purpose of the words provided as hints to the translation if they are inappropriate to the example?


Does this mean that the synagogue is actually in the square (like the centerpiece), or just one of the buildings surrounding the square?


No, it's just a bad translation. It should be "in the square" or "on the square".

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