"La floro estas blanka, flava, kaj rozkolora."

Translation:The flower is white, yellow, and pink.

July 22, 2015

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What kind of flower is white, yellow, and pink?


For example, Frangipani (totally not googled that).


Flava comes directly from flavus (yellow or golden). Really hard to remember... it reminds me anything from french or english. If you have an easy way to remember, please share it


I imagine a yellow star being a big ball of lava. Since flava rhymes with lava, this in turn reminds me of the star's yellowish color. Word and image association don't always have to make the most sense, as long as they work. In fact, they say the more ridiculous the imagery, the easier it will be to remember. You can use this for literally anything. :)


Flavanoidoj (plantaj pigmentoj), riboflavino (= vitamino B2): tiuj estas flavaj bioń•emikoj, nomis pro ilia flava koloro.


Bananas are full of flava! (flavor) Lemons have too much flava!

I don't know how well that'll work, but it's what I'm trying, as of a few minutes ago. Flavorful yellow foods.


why are certain colors like rozkolora suffixed with -kolora, while others are not?


I presumed they did that to distinguish them from the objects of the same name. Orange and rose are the only ones I know so I may be misled.


Some langyages just dont have other words for a certain color. Like Japanese sometimes calls brown "tea colored". Italian says "rosato". Still doesnt excuse a made up languahe tho


It's the primary colors of paint (red, blue, yellow, black, brown, white) that don't get the suffixes by default. Every other color would get it.


This is incorrect. The option to make a word compound ending with -kolora does not relate to whether the colour is primary or secondary.


Yes, it has to do with the word having another meaning as an actual object: a rose, an orange, etc.


I don't think I'll ever forget that "flava" means "yellow."


I replayed this over and over. It always so unds like an n instead of a z. ronkolora instead of rozkolora. Reported it every time.

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