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  5. "Spero proprio di no."

"Spero proprio di no."

Translation:I really hope not.

October 16, 2013



This is just the sort of sentence I most struggle with. I dont mean translating into English, thats easy providing you know the words. Whats difficult is knowing how to say it when needed. If I was in Italy and wanted to say in Italian, 'I really hope not', I wouldnt in a million years think the correct sentence construction was 'I hope really of non', even after years of learning. Is it just something that will come in time, I wonder?


What do you think about:"I do hope not." ? Does it make sense?


I don't think so. There isn't a sense of "doing" in this sentence - only "hoping".


In this sentence "do" has nothing to do with "doing" anything. Using "do" + "infinitive without to" is a way to emphasize the meaning of the verb - so it is equivalent to 'really' in this kind of sentence.

Example: suppose you are with some friends. I need to grab some food => we can talk some more and I will grab some food when we're done I do need to grab some food or I really need to grab some food => excuse me, but I need it now


I would use certainly here... USA/New England


Agreed - USA/Midwest


"Really" is a good translation of "proprio". I put "I really hope not". It was not accepted, the correct answer being "I really hope no". Not sure why. That isn't something we would normally say in English (American). Can someone explain a bit more about what it actally means? Is my answer really wrong or is there a nuance that I'm not understanding? Grazie per aiuta!


"i really hope not" accepted 22Oct15


I thought davvero meant "really" and proprio meant "own". Did I miss something?


I sure hope not. Not accepted. In today's English I would never say "truly". But I do say "I sure hope not". Maybe 'sure' is not a good translation of 'proprio'. ?


Duo accepted "really" for "proprio", I came across this before. But didn't accept "not"...the corrected answer was "I really hope no". Hmmmm.


Why is, I really hope not marked incorrect when you say the same thing?

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