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  5. "They write to us."

"They write to us."

Translation:Elles nous écrivent.

December 30, 2012



How do we know when to use "Eux" and "Ils/Elles"?


Why is it not "Ils écrivent nous?" Would the be possible as well?


No, that's the way it is constructed. Object pronoun to be placed before the verb.


Is it direct or indirect object. Is there a form using "to" in French? Is it interchangeable in this case with/out "to" In English they say say write us as well....:-/ :-!


I believe that "nous" is here actually an indirect object pronoun. This can be easily seen if the sentence is just a bit longer: Ils nous écrivent une lettre. Now, "une lettre" is a direct object here, and "nous" is clearly an indirect object pronoun.


There is a correct order of pronouns and the french have a lot of them...


it doesn't work to direct translate from english like that


Why can it be "Ils ecrivent..." and "Elles ecrivent..."? Does the masculinity of ecrire not matter?

Are both forms interchangeable, or is it sometimes more appropriate to use one or the other depending on some other context?


"Ils" is used when the subject is either all men or a mix of men and women, while "elles" is for women only. The verbal form "écrivent" has no gender, the 3rd person plural is the same for both ils/elles.

For you info, here is the complete conjugation of verb "écrire": j'écris, tu écris, il/elle/on écrit, nous écrivons, vous écrivez (polite singular or plural), ils/elles écrivent.


It said I was wrong for marking both "ils ecrivent..." and "elles ecrivent..." and that it was "ils ecrivent..." only. Is this correct? Why?


Attending your comment, and I was marked wrong for not selecting both: Correct translations:

•Elles nous écrivent

•Ils nous écrivent.

You missed 1 correct translation!


I gather that on the multiple choice questions both translations are required whereas when doing a direct translation we have to stick to a strict interpretation which is, unless indicated otherwise, ils is required.


I was redoing this section and realized that the selection with "elles" said "vous," not "nous." I merely misread, and I feel very dumb for starting this whole thing. I'm glad both are considered correct.

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