"Ela é tão bonita quanto a mãe."

Translation:She is as beautiful as her mother.

October 16, 2013

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How we can recognize that "a mae" mens here "her mother" not "the mother"


as you have no further information, it is obviously her mother.


That isn't obvious to me at all - I mistook it as meaning the speaker's mother.


"She is more beautiful than THE mother" is the literal translation. There is nothing here to suggest that it could be the speaker's mother.


What if, for example, speaker talks about his niece being as beautiful as his (speakers) mother?

"She (his niece) is as beautiful is (my) mother".


Then he needs to use the possessive with the noun "mãe": Ela é tão bonita quanto minha mãe.


She is as beautiful as THE mother is perfectly acceptable English.
It is used to emphasize "the mother" since it is obviously her daughter.

Por que não "... o sua mãe"?


Are there any important differences to remember between tão, quanto, and como, when translating to the word 'as'?

  • 1- tão = so. She is so fat! - ela é tão gorda!
  • 2- tão = as + adjetive (comparison) she is as beautiful as my sister = ela é tão bonita quanto minha irmã,
  • 3- tanto =so much / as much ...as (tanto...quanto) there is so much noise (tem tanto barulho!) it has as much noise as my old apartment = tem tanto barulho quanto meu velho apartamento.
  • 4- as/like = como (comparison) - i want to find someone like you = quero encontrar alguém como você. She works as a teacher = ela trabalha como professora.


Paulenrique! Continua a melhorar o meu Português compreensão. Esse explanação é muito útil. Vou ficar sem jeitos dos agradeceria para você. (Forgive my mistakes and bad verb conjugations!)


Thanks for the acknowledgement! =)

"A prática leva à perfeição" > No início é assim mesmo, cometemos alguns deslizes, mas com o tempo o entendimento vai ficando mais claro. Apesar de haver alguns erros, entendi toda a mensagem que você transmitiu. Parabéns!


That is really useful, thanks so much. I really hope I can remember all that!


How about tão...como and/or tanto...como?


why is it "quanto a mae" and not "quanta a mae"? Isn't the "quanto" supposed to agree with the feminine gender of "mae"?


Tão... quanto equates to english as.. as. No declension. (Correct me if im wrong)


Why was this wrong?: she is just as beautiful as her mother- how would this be translated?

[deactivated user]

    That was the same response I put, I don't think it would be wrong because you are just reinforcing the statement. However, there isn't a word in the Portuguese for the word 'just' in this sentence which is why I think it was marked wrong.


    I used "bonita" in an earlier sentence for beautiful and it was marked incorrect. (Linda) It was my understanding that bonita is beautiful and linda is pretty. Or is it opposite?

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