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"The library has many books about art."

Translation:La biblioteko havas multajn librojn pri arto.

July 22, 2015



I've never heard anyone use "librejo" to refer to a library, so is it not correct? Does librejo have any meaning?


It appears that all libraries are librejoj, but not all librejoj are libraries. Personally, I would stick to biblioteko to avoid confusion.

Looking at a couple of on-line dictionaries, I found:
1 - librejo -> library
2 - librejo -> bookstore; library
3 - librejo -> bookstore; library

Going the other way:
1 - library -> biblioteko, librejo
2 - library -> biblioteko
3 - library -> biblioteko, librejo

1 - bookshop, bookstore -> librobutiko
2 - bookstore -> librobutiko
2 - bookshop -> librovendejo
3 - bookshop, bookstore -> librobutiko

  1. http://esperanto-panorama.net/vortaro/eoen.htm
  2. http://en.lernu.net/index.php
  3. http://www.freelang.net/online/esperanto.php?lg=gb


Would "la biblioteko havas multe da libroj pri arto" be correct?


Oh, I should've reported it.


Hmm. I was trying to use libraro -- a collection of books, which would cover both definitions of library.


"libraro" - literally a collection of books, translates to library in google translator. It should have been accepted, instead of using a different word. It also sounds so similar to library, just '-o' instead of '-y'

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