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How similiar are Russian and Ukrainian languages?

Привет, я Shady из Египта, I wanted to know how similarity between Russian language and Ukrainian language?! благодаря

July 22, 2015



If you know one of the languages fluently, you will be able to understand about 50% of the speech/text in another one without a special training.

This number can rise up to 70-90% rate, if you have a solid vocabulary base (60k+ words) in one the languages and have experience of passive exposition to the other language.


You can compare them like Spanish and Italian or Spanish and Portuguese


Very similar but, not the same. If I will learn Ukranian, Will I know Russian or at least understand it?


You will understand some Russian. Knowing Ukrainian doesn't make you fluent in Russian but it does help tremendesly, it's one of the closest related languages to Ukrainian.


Not really. For a foreigner it's more difficult to get use of the mentioned similarity, imho


Obviously they are quite close being in the same language group, however they aren't as close as most people think. A good example was a conference with Putin and former Ukrainian President Yushchenko where Yushchenko spoke Ukrainian and Putin needed a translator to understand him.


From the extremely limited knowledge I have of Russian and Ukrainian, I would say they are similar. There are some words I recognise from both, or that are similar. For example: любить (Russian) and любити (Ukrainian) both mean love, however if you say 'I love', in both languages it is: я люблю.

They are both East Slavic languages, which distinguishes them from other languages, like Serbian which is South Slavic, or Polish which is West Slavic.


But i will have the different stressing for the "я люблю". "Я лЮблю" for Ukrainian and "Я люблЮ" for Russian.


Actually, Russian любить and Ukrainian любити have the same stress in all forms I can think of.


My bad. Looking through my comment now i do not know why i decided that. Probably i perverted my Ukrainian pronunciation a bit because of Western Ukrainian dialect influence. P.S. I am Ukrainian-Russian bilingual.


Ukrainian and Russian are similar, but different languages.

1) These have many equivalent words. (нога-leg, рука-arm, зуб-tooth, голос-voice, ручка-pen, звук-sound ...)

2) But in spite of this, there are many words, that write or pronounce similar as Ukrainian as Russian, but have different meanings. (скінчився(укр.)-finished, скончался(р.)-died; знаходиться(укр.)-find, находится(p.)-locate; фамілія(укр.)-ancestry,origin,genealogy,family, фамилия(р.)-last name, любий(укр.)-dear, любой(р.)-every,any ...)

3) And also there are many words, that have different writing and prononciation. Укр. - р. - eng: ганчірка - тряпка - rag, тиск - давление - pressure, запобіжник - предохранитель - fuse, вірш - стих - verse, місто - город - city, місце - место - place, вибух - взрыв - explosion, кат - палач - executioner ...

Therefore, if you studied only one language (no matter Ukrainian or Russian) it may be very hard for you to understand other language.


I am a native Russian speaker, I have never studied Ukrainian language but I can understand Ukrainian though I don't know meaning all ukrainian words . The grammar is the same


It is similar but not the same


Written is quite similar, sounds different enough, and off course grammar varies. So I want to say they're not that much similar if you learn one as a foreigner

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