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  5. "Bugün bakkalı açmıyoruz."

"Bugün bakkalı açmıyoruz."

Translation:Today we are not opening the grocery store.

July 22, 2015



If "bakkal" mean grocery store, what is the word for a grocer?


It is the same "bakkal". Yani, "Bakkal bakkalda calışıyor" :)


This definitley needs to except 'shop' for bakkal. In england we would say shop, i live in turkey and what the turks call a bakkal is what we would call a shop in england.


I agree! And I live in Turkey too. Bakkal seems to be more like a corner shop than a grocer.


Agreed, as do I and the vast amount of bakkals are not grocers but corner style shops.


Does that mean “aç” means both “hungry” and “open (imperative)”?

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Yes it does. Açmak : to open Aç : hungry similarly... Yazmak : to write Yaz : summer


Does anyone refer to a "grocery store" as just a "grocery"? I had no other words to select from and I was really confused. Groceries are the things you buy at a grocery store and even though it is never used in singular, in my head it means one item of food or a household product, not the shop itself.


Sure...I know a few people who use this, although it is definitely not as wide spread as grocery store.


In English is is common to say "the grocer's" or "the grocer's shop". Grocery store is very American and never used in Britain.


In the UK we don't really say "a grocer", or "grocery" as in "grocery shop/store", any more. Do you still say "grocery store" in the USA?

I am just asking in case you decide to put the sentence in the reverse course. If there is no possibility of that then no need to answer.


We definitely still say "grocery store." "Grocery stores" sell primarily food. "Supermarkets" sell more than that. There are some blurred lines, but I feel like "grocery store" is said a lot more if your intent is to go buy food. :)


Would it really be wrong to translate bakkal as shop?

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I would say 'bakkal' translates as 'shop'. If we want to be specific about the type of shop then we can add a specifier but in English we mostly just use 'shop'


Is açmak intransitive as well? Bakkal bugün açmıyor

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