"Hai apparecchi elettrici in casa?"

Translation:Do you have electrical appliances at home?

December 30, 2012

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Also, ┬░electronic┬░ should be acceptable.

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    I'm not sure about that. There is another word, "elettronico," for electronic. My dictionaries (not the last word) don't accept "electronic" for "elettrico."


    No, that refers to computers, phones, TV's, etc. while "electical " refers to anything that uses electricity at all, like your toaster, your frigerifero ;), il tuo ventilatore, ecc.


    I think I agree with smeans2. My toaster is electric, but it is not electronic. I have no technical expertise, but I believe that electronic means more than simply being powered by electricity. Also, while there are lots of different words that may be accepted here as translations, the most natural and idiomatic one, I think, is 'Do you have electrical appliances at home?' If, for example, you were to ask, "Do you have electric devices in the house?", the other person could probably understand what you were getting at, but they would likely assume that English was not your first language. This is just meant to help all those clever people out there whose native tongue is something other than English who are still able to learn Italian via English. I salute you.:)


    It is my case. I am Brazilian. I'm trying to learn Italian through English. Italian is easy to me, but English make me lost hearts...Thank you for your help!


    Equipment, devices, appliances, and house and home, should all be accepted translations.


    "Do", while useful, isn't necessary for the translation to be correct.


    I think in this sentence that "have" and "keep" could be used the same way and achieve the same meaning. Am I mistaken in this instance?


    'Have' would be the usual way to ask this. :)


    The meaning of apparecchi was given as labour saving devices - why was this meaning not accepted?

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