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"La verkisto gajnis en la kategorio romanoj."

Translation:The writer won in the novels category.

July 22, 2015


  • 2023

"kategorio" and "romanoj" don't seem to have a formal connection. Why not "kategoriaj romanoj" or "kategorio de romanoj" ?


Kategorio de romanoj plibonas.


Why is it kategorio romanoj instead of like romanaj kategorio?


romanaj kategorio is wrong, as kategorio is singular, the adjective modifying it cannot be plural

you could say "romana kategorio", but "kategorio romanoj" is better. in this case, its like saying "the category, that is called 'romanoj'"


I know we can put two nouns together in English so that the first one becomes as an adjective, but it is a very new concept to put two nouns together in Esperanto, especially the second one is a plural...... could you give more examples that we can use them more in everyday life?


Would romanano work for in the category novels?


What is the difference between "skribi" and "verki", and why is it "verkisto" here instead of "skribisto"?


Verki is to write a work of science or art, to compose. It includes articles, novels, teather plays, music... Skribisto was used in the past but verkisto is used in its place now.

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