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  5. "Ho bisogno di una penna."

"Ho bisogno di una penna."

Translation:I need a pen.

July 22, 2015



Why not "I have need of a pen"?


'I am in need of a pen' is a more common translation, if you wished to preserve the 'of' construction.


I agree. It's a way we would express it in English and a direct translation.


Why not, I am in need of a pen?


I say "I have need of..." often. I am a native American English speaker...from California. My husband teaches writing and composition at the university level. My phrase is neither archaic nor incorrect.


I don't see what your state of origin has to do with this. I am a third generation native southern Californian. I never said the phrase was incorrect, but I still contend that the phrase, "I have need of..." is not common English.


The problem I see of translating into "modern American" is you do not learn the italian construction for when you say it in italian So I have need of is better for me (I've need of" is a phrase commonly used in English especially northern English)

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