"She is not a girl."

Translation:Lei non è una ragazza.

December 30, 2012

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Only one correct answer, which is "Non è una ragazza".

"Lei no è una ragazza" is incorrect because it needs 'non' instead of 'no' to make sense. (She is no a girl)

"Lei NON è una ragazza" would have been okay, but is not an option. I'm not an expert at this though, someone please evaluate the validity of my statement.


When to use "No" or "Non"? Help please.


Think of "no" as english "no" and "non" as "not".

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I also only selected "Lei non e una ragazza" because I thought "Non e una ragazza" could be referring to a boy, say, in which case it would not mean, "She is not a girl", but "He is not a girl".


No, since "una ragazza" is "a girl" while "un ragazzo" would be "a boy". .

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Yes I know, but subject of the sentence "Non e (with accent) una ragazza" could be an animal, an object, a boy - only if you use "lei" is it definitely "she", I thought.


Challenging. I like it


Lei non e una ragazza, it is correct, you are using the pronoun and the verb.


Non lei è una ragazza


I put down, lei e non una ragazza, which is exactly what it translated to when I checked my answer on the other side of page when you put the cursor on to it. I can't understand why it said it was wrong. It said that the correct answer was lei non e una ragazza. ???????why was my answer incorrect?


when you put your cursor on the word it shows you the word in english. the sentences in italian (and most latin languages) are not constructed the same way as in english. I'm not sure if there is an actual explanation, but the "non" should always come before the verb.


I selected only the "Lei no è una ragazza." and the translation "Non è una ragazza." means "IT is not a girl", so I don't see why that is marked as correct


In Italian, subjects can be dropped at times when the subject is understood. "non è una ragazza" can mean He is not a girl, she is not a girl, it is not a girl, or you are not a girl, all depending on the context. So both answers are correct


I mean I selected only first translation and not the second, but that was not correct


Exactly, you have to select all correct translations. This question had multiple correct answers.


Shouldn't it be 'lei non è una ragazza'? Anyone plz explain.


'Non è una ragazza' means 'it is not a girl', then how's it correct?!


"SHE is not a girl"?! Should it not be HE is not a girl?


really is it "no" or "non"


Can anyone explain why this is in the Formal You section? Not complaining as such, just wondering

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