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  5. "Duvarda örümcek var!"

"Duvarda örümcek var!"

Translation:There is a spider on the wall!

July 22, 2015





Is there no distinction between "in the wall" and "on the wall"? Would something like duvarın üzerinde be correct?


That is another way to say that, although it isn't necessary. Logic would tell a normal Turkish person that if one says "duvarda," you are talking about on the surface of the wall vs. inside of the wall.


Is there a distinction between on top of something and on the side of something for example a painting hanging on a wall, like there is in German?


I think if you want to be specific, you would say something like duvarın içinde to mean inside the wall. I'm not sure if there is a specific word that means on the wall.


why it's A spider, and not The spider .. as there is no *bir here


if you want to say "the spider is on the wall" you must say: "orumcek duvarda" in this sentence there is a "generic" spider on the wall.


I may asked a same question .


Unless you're reminding someone that something specific exists, "there is" and "var" are used to talk about the existence of something which the listener is not aware of. It is inherantly indefinite.

(1) There is a spider on the wall.

(2) A spider is on the wall.

(3) The spider is on the wall.

(1) and (2 )are both talking about new or non-specific spider. The speaker doesn't think the listener will know which spider, and it doesn't matter which spider.. (1) is more natural than (2). In sentence (3), the spider is a specific spider. The speaker assumes the listener will know which one.

In Turkish, these are ... I think ...

(1) Duvarda (bir) örümcek var.

(2) (Bir) örümcek duvarda.

(3) Örümcek duvarda.


Thank you very much for your answer.


do you remember when we learned to say " i have a duck" and " I have the duck"..

It is the same case here

"(benim) ördeğim var"

"ördek bende"

someone correct me, if I am wrong please :)


What in the Turkish sentence signifies that it is "a" spider?


If it were "The spider is on the wall" it would be "Örümcek duvarda". If you really want to emphasise that it is A spider, you can make it "Duvarda bir örümcek var". As I understand it, the first word can always be considered definite as long as it's in the nominative case. If the word is the object of a verb, then it's a little more nuanced. If the object has bir, it's always indefinite. If it has the accusative it's always definite. If it has bu/şu/o it's always definite. Possessives seem to generally be definite as well, but there might be exceptions to that. Unless you use bir, locative, dative, ablative, and instrumental nouns seem to all be definite. The really confusing one is plural objects in the nominative case (like gazeteler in "Ben gazeteler okurum"). Hopefully that helps and is correct.


Why is 'Duvarda bir örümcek var' incorrect? Salzmecev below, cites this as appropriate!


Why is 'on the wall is a spider' incorrect ?

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