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  5. "Люди ідуть на цей мітинг."

"Люди ідуть на цей мітинг."

Translation:People are going to this demonstration.

July 22, 2015



Is "meeting" such a bad translation?


https://goo.gl/bP8iXm - that's what мітинг is. I'm not sure if one would use a word "meeting" for such thing


Thank you. The link describes what I would call a демонстрація.

I did translate the word as meeting in the lesson, although it is not a word I would use. It was marked wrong. :(

So, when I look at Google translate both rally and meeting received equal common translation bar lengths. So, I'm just going to chalk this up to a context issue and move on. :)


Yes, демонстрація is also used. To make it clear, мітинг doesn't have to be that extreme. The one of the most common forms of мітинг is when people gather at some public place to listen to someone speaking from the stage. It may be some politician before elections or other influential person. The purpose of a мітинг can be either to give the politician possibility to say "vote for me" or to discuss some important public issue, to protest about something.

Демонстрація is more a form of protest. Or it can be a communist demonstration dedicated to some important (to them) date. Then it's just a bunch of pensioners walking across central street with red flags


Thank you for the clarification. A rally need not even be a demonstration. In America we have "pep rallies". :)

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People go to this meeting


Rally, people. Demonstration sounds communist.

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