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  5. "Do you speak Norwegian?"

"Do you speak Norwegian?"

Translation:Snakker du norsk?

July 22, 2015



Snakker du norsk? = Do you speak Norwegian? Du snakker Norsk. = You speak Norwegian. Am I right? I am curious about how to form a question. I don't recall it coming up in any lessons so far.


Yes, you are right. (But norsk is spelt in lower-case.)


To English speakers this could be the plural and singular form of the word 'you' - so not sure how it's marked me wrong :/


Both "du" and "dere" is accepted here. If it was a multiple choice exercise, you need to pick all the correct answers - not just one of them.


I wrote Snakker du norsk it said WRONG and made me write kan snakke du norsk?


Me too.. I dont even know what kan means! :/


Kan means "can". "Can you speak norwegian?"


if norsk means Norwegian (language), what does bokmål means?


Bokmål means "book language" and describes one written Norwegian standard. The other one is nynorsk ("new Norwegian").

Note that both refer to how Norwegian is written. You cannot "speak" either bokmål or nynorsk. However, the pronunciation might be closer to how bokmål is written in certain parts of Norway, and in other parts the pronunciation is closer to how nynorsk is written. But all pronunciations are called "norsk".


I wrote du snakker norsk, but it was incorrect. Should have been snakker du norsk. What is the pattern actually?


"Du snakker norsk." is a statement (just like the english "you speak Norwegian"), "snakker du norsk?" is a question.


Is there a difference between norsk and norske? Is one feminine or something?


Norske is the definite singluar and plural of the adjective norsk.


What is the difference "jeg prate norsk / jeg snakke norsk"

[deactivated user]

    You used the infinitive form of the verb instead of present tense ( prater, snakker ).

    • å prate - to chat
    • å snakke - to talk, to speak

    Follow this link to watch a YouTube video where you're given explanations about five verbs (å snakke, å prate, å si, å telle, å fortelle) that all revolve about talking but are used in different situations and contexts. The video is in Norwegian so you might postpone watching it until you're at a more advanced level.


    Non-native speaker, but I think "prate" means "to chatter", while "snakke" means "to speak".

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