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Turkish audio

I am a native speaker of Turkish and I am so thankful for what duolingo allows me to learn, but I find Turkish audio/pronounciation incorrect and bad. I know it would be so hard to change the audio and it would take much time but for people to learn better it is almost neccesarry. What do you all think? P.s.: Sentences and grammar information are great. I appreciate Turkish team's work so much! Couldn't be more thankful..

July 22, 2015



Selamlar. Unfortunately, this is the best Text-to-Speech software we were able to find at this time. There is little that we are able to do about this issue at the time. In the cases where the audio is too bad to be understood (even by native speakers), we disable all audio activities so that no one will be tested over it. :)


Thank you for the information :) that's still fine though. I think we can just go with it.


This post contains a link to a Norwegian website that has Multilingual Picture Dictionaries with audio in a ton of languages. All of the languages you are studying are available. I've listened to the family section in a few languages and like the setup. It might be worth a listen.

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