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  5. "There are sheets on the bed."

"There are sheets on the bed."

Translation:Tá braillíní ar an leaba.

July 22, 2015



@Bobby, to be fair to you, they should accept it and to differenciate habitual bíonn from ponctual Tá, they should not rely on 'do be' but on adverbs like 'every day' vs 'now/today'


why is "bionn brallini ar an leaba" not acceptable?


The course creators use the Hiberno-English construction “do be” in exercises that are intended to be translated with bíonn.


If this is the case then surely the word "bionn" should not come up when you hover over the sentence as a possible answer then?


Bíonn is a possible translation for “are” in other forms of English, as long as one realizes that bíonn represents only a habitual meaning. If bíonn is included as a dictionary hint for “are” in this sentence, then it should be brought to the course creators’ attention via the Report a Problem button, so that this sentence’s dictionary hints will be consistent with whichever solutions are deemed correct.


The mobile phone vésion doesn't give accents on 'braillini'

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