"We have our coats on."

Translation:Tá ár gcótaí orainn.

July 22, 2015

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Love to see "againn" as the hint only to be told it is wrong. (Yes, of course I reported that it wasn't showing up, I just need to vent because this is the 5th time I've messed this up on this lesson and it is getting old).


If you're still relying on the hints after doing this 5 times, then you probably need to think about what you're trying to achieve.

The Irish for "We have X" is Tá X againn - there's nothing wrong with that hint. The problem is that English uses "we have" in this case even there is no possession occurring. You don't "have" anything - you actually mean "our coats are on us".


How does Duolingo just magically expect us to know that we don't need againn here, OR that orainn means on? When I clicked to see the translation for on it only said ar or ar siul. This app isn't teaching me anything


From my understanding if you used againn it would only mean we have our coats. Because tá cota agam only means i have a coat right? So to make it i have a coat ON you need to use a version of orainn. To know what the words mean i found the tips on the desktop really helpful, they have a full chart conjegating all the words too. The way i think of it though orainn is 'on us' and is used to issue demands: we must write tá orainn scriobh. Linn (with us) is used with the verb listen and to like from what we see so far. Againn (at us) is used to mean we have. Importantly Uainn (from us) can mean to want OR to need when used with teastaigh. For example, teastaíonn seacláid uainn can mean we need chocolate or we want chocolate. However if only used with tá it only means want. For example tá seacláid uainn can only mean we want chocolate. Lastly chugainn (to us) means towards. Hope this helped!


I agree with several other students that the so-called hints are misleading. Why make suggestions that are incorrect?

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I must admit this is beyond my understanding here. Where is "our" reflected here?


Ár is “our”.

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Oh! Got it! Thanks!


I'm glad i saw this bc i read too quickly and thought it wanted ' we have coats on' and didn't see where the ar came in


To cover the possession element of "have" I added ' againn' but I was apparently wrong.


ár (our) covers the possessive, 'orainn' is the on bit.

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