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Would you like to learn Punjabi on Duolingo?

I am opening this discussion to see if there are other people around who wish to learn Punjabi. I already know Hindi and English, and am learning French.

I recently married in a Punjabi family, and would love to speak the language. Duolingo has spoiled me for any other online learning website though, and I can't find a good one. I wish there was a Punjabi course. Do you? Let us gather some positive support for this language and get it noticed!

July 22, 2015



It's one of the languages I'm really interested in. Being half Punjabi and American I really want to be able to connect with my Punjabi side in a more fluid way. I can understand Punjabi almost fluently, speaking and reading however is a completely different matter ^-^.


So I was just idly checking some Duolingo discussions, and I came across two things:

  1. This (the original post) is recognized by Duolingo as the official post for requesting Punjabi, so if anyone is interested, please upvote the original post, as it counts:

  2. There's currently an entry for English for Punjabi (Gurumukhi) speakers at 'Incubation Phase 1' (the very early stages).. So if anyone is able to contribute, please do do, as perhaps making a complete Punjabi to English tree may bring us one step closer to an English to Punjabi tree:


This is the original post, it says on lrtwards list!!!!


I would enjoy it a lot. I think that once the Hindi course gets finished, the other courses for Indo-Aryan languages will roll in quickly. I doubt I'm as educated about Punjabi as you are, so I'll ask, which script would it be written in? I know it uses Devanagari, the Arabic script, as well as its own Gurmukhi, but I don't know which one is most commonly used.


Gurmukhi is the one that Punjabi should be written in, officially. But it can also be expressed in Devnagri, if need be, because they are both phonetic languages. I am learning Punjabi now, but it is very tough because Duolingo spoiled me.


There is also Shamukhi, which is used a lot in Pakistan.


I hope both options are eventually available. But personally, I hope the Gurmukhi script is used for Punjabi, as the Shahmukhi script would make it more similar to Urdu, should that course ever get started on Duolingo. Anyone who knows the Urdu or Persian (or to an extent, the Arabic) script, and understands the Punjabi Language, may be able to write Shahmukhi with relative ease.

But that's just my personal opinion, it's possible that Duolingo may opt for whichever choice proves most popular in the end.


I'd rather have Shahmukhi to Devanagari


Perhaps there will be a drop-down menu from which to select our own script preference. (I'd rather have Gurumukhi.) Duolingo can do anything, and they could do this!


Punjabi shall look good in Gurumukhi. After all, Punjabi has a register called 'Lahnda' which is spoken in Pakistan and written in its Shahmukhi (Arabic like script).


Lahnda is not a register of Punjabi, it's a group of dialects which are transitional between Punjabi and Sindhi. Historically they've not been written but lately there's been a bit of production in Saraiki and Hindko. No one in Pakistan is even conscious of speaking such a "Lahnda", everyone says they speak Saraiki, Hindko, Potohari or Pahari. Punjabi has a huge literary tradition in Shahmukhi (Perso-Arabic), but nowadays Urdu is the only official language of Pakistan so this tradition has been broken to an extent as most Punjabi-speakers are only literate in Urdu (as well as English many cases).

Most people in the Punjab province of Pakistan don't speak Lahnda, but Punjabi (the dialect of Lahore belongs to the same Majhi group as the one in Amritsar). People who speak "Lahnda" dialects live in the less densely populated parts of the province -- there are 20 million Saraikis living in the south and west of the province compared to around 75 million Punjabis in the heavily populated north-east (the area around Lahore). Then there are Hindko and Pahari-Potohari which only have a couple of million speakers each.


He is totally right.


I read somewhere that Potohari is even facing a decline...


Thanks for this invaluable insight. The thing is, Wikipedia says Western Punjabi and Lahnda are the same, written in Shahmukhi. It does cover the dialects you talked of though.


Gurmukhi is widely used as a script for Punjabi now.


I think they should start with gurmukhi bc thats the og punjabi script but theres stuff that can transliterate into shahmukhi. i dont think devnagri should b used for punjabi tho


Gurmukhi is the original and most often used script of Punjabi language.


gurmukhi is used.


If there's a Punjabi course, it should be in Gurmukhi.


If there was a Gurmukhi course it would be very simple to convert it to Shahmukhi. There are even programs that do this automatically, all you'd then need is for someone literate in Shahmukhi to comb through the text for errors and to eliminate overly Sanskritic vocabulary that isn't in use among Punjabi Muslims.


They should do Indian Punjabi in Gurmukhi and Pakistani Punjabi in Shahmurkhi


I am pretty fluent in Punjabi using the Gurmukhi script but it is easy to forget words that do not arise in everyday language as much (such as animals, for instance). Additionally, especially as the Punjabi spoken in Pakistan uses more Arabic/Persian loan-words, I know that I would definitely benefit from a Punjabi course here on Duolingo.

If this course were both in Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi, it would be an added bonus in that I could learn the Shahmukhi equivalent while my brother, for instance, benefitted from adding on to his very small knowledge of Gurmukhi.

As others have pointed out also, Punjabi is currently taught in "Sunday schools" as well as in high schools (in certain parts of Canada, anyway) for credit. However, it is sometimes inconvenient or frustrating to learn in such a setting. Having used both aforementioned schools, before, I do speak from experience.

Furthermore, Punjabi was the 10th most widely spoken language in the world in 2015 (according to Wikipedia) with over 100 million native speakers. And yet, trying to learn it online can be quite a hurdle, as Faith.Worth points out.

Regardless, I really do hope that this language is added to Duolingo's ever-growing number of languages soon.

Meanwhile, I'll just continue taking advantage of the language courses that Duolingo does have. :3


Ya I would like new languages too and Punjabi is one of them!


Thank you to the person who gave me lingots!


I would learn it! My classmate speaks Hindi but she knows more Punjabi than Hindi! :D


I live in the UK and here it is the second most spoken language after English of course.There definitely is a huge demand for Panjabi. Both from the general and the Asian Panjabi communities. Panjabi children are being deprived of their language and as such English has become their first language. No problem with that since we live in UK. However if Panjabi was spoken more widely- it would most certainly improve cultural relations and improve integration. It is very rich in it's pronounciation having 35 letters in it's alphabet. yes I would love to see Panjabi offered by duolingo. I am currently learning Spanish.


I also am from the Uk and you can hear Punjabi spoken by many people. It is a language that is rich in culture and has a big music industry which can again help and encourage native speakers to take it up.


There was talk of a Punjabi course, with people submitting to the incubator. But it's been months and none of them have updated :/


I would lov to do a course in Punjabi and if there is a possibility of a Punjabi course, it should be in Gurmukhi


I would love to learn Punjabi on Duolingo. However, if there's a Punjabi course, it should be in Gurmukhi. I would certainly enrol for it without hesitation.


Mango has a Punjabi course. I can't tell how good it is since I quit immediately because it didn't use the script I wanted to learn. I like the other Mango courses I've tried, though.


I for one would love a Punjabi course! My close family (although all Punjabi) have limited Punjabi language abilities, so I barely know anything. It would really help get closer to my extended family too (who are very fluent)!


Yes. Punjabi written in Gurmukhi is very much needed! I am half Punjabi and would really like to learn the language but I can't pick it up just from hearing movies and some family speaking. I can understand some but am no where near fluent, so a course would help immensely. Cant wait till there is a Punjabi course available! I think it would be popular.


This would be fantastic. There are many, many second-generation Punjabi-Americans who would love to sharpen their Punjabi. Not to mention, for Sikhs (of which there are many in English-speaking countries), learning Punjabi is important in understanding gurbani (scripture) and participating at gurdwaras.


Yes! I admire the Sikh religion and would like very much to be able to communicate with them in their native language.


I would really like this. I have several native speaking friends, and I would be thrilled to be able to surprise them with a small bit of their first language.


I would love to learn Punjabi. I have a new student in my class and no one at my school speaks the language. It would be incredibly helpful to me as a teacher to know some Punjabi so I can ease her transition into our country.


I'd like to see a Punjabi course. I am willing to contribute to it, as well!


It never really entered my mind to learn Punjabi, but ever since the YouTube iiSuperwomanii claimed she had known it, and with interest of perhaps looking into Bollywood drama. I would not mind others or myself having access to such a cool language. In fact, the other day I found a newspaper and saw Punjabi written on it. I had not known what language it was at the time so I searched for it and finally found out what it was and I thought it looked so beautiful and how tragic it was that I had not know what it was right away. I would love for Punjabi to be a part of Duolingo for that reason, to educate more people and open more doors. Especially now that I am constantly having more and more Indian-Punjabi people entering my friend group. :)


I would love to see a Punjabi course on this website! :D I would love to learn Hindi too, however I am considering starting with Punjabi before moving onto any other Indian languages.


I would love to see more Indian language courses on Duolingo.

[deactivated user]

    Would be awesome! Would be sweet knowing the meaning behind all the names of Punjabi food in the native language!

    [deactivated user]

      we should learn to speak punjabi


      Klingon and High Valyrian both in the incubator. Still no Punjabi :(


      Yes. I would like to learn Punjabi!


      I think it would be a great addition to the language list. I know many people who speak it and I would like to communicate with them in their native language.


      YES!! I would LOVE it if Duolingo offered Punjabi. Please please let this happen!!


      Yes, please add a Punjabi course. It would be very worth my time. I have many friends and work relations who are Punjabi speaking and it would be of unbelievable value to have a professional-level course in Punjabi available through a site like DuoLingo.


      I would! I am half Punjabi and would like to learn


      Punjabi is a very important language with many native speakers in India and Pakistan. It is one of the most spoken languages in the world and there are many Punjabi speaking immigrants in Canada, UK and the United States. Therefore, since I live in Canada, I would definitely learn Punjabi if it ever came on Duolingo


      Yes I am a Punjabi speaker but i would like to get more confident and develop my fluency in it


      Would love to see Punjabi, personally. Only Aryan language to be tonal to my knowledge, so unique and interesting.


      As a language enthusiast, I'd love to have Punjabi on Duolingo. Considering how widely it is spoken and written, it is worth learning.


      Definitely. Punjabi in Gurumukhi script


      Yes i was looking for punjabi, surprised it's not on their list


      I would also like a Punjabi course on Duolingo!!!


      I would love it if duo lingo did Punjabi


      My family speaks Punjabi and I want to learn


      I would love to learn Punjabi it would be amazing if they included it. Duolingo is amazing and it I am sure there are lots more keen learners!


      I would love to learn Punjabi because many of my friends come from Punjab in India and/or speak Punjabi. I myself am a white British female and I think that Punjab culture and language needs more awareness. Until a few days ago I knew nothing of the culture, and I have been friends with them for years. I think that more appreciation of this relatively unknown culture and language throughout the white communities is definitely needed.


      I would also love to learn punjabi so I can speak to my grandparents!


      Yes, I agree. I wish to learn Punjabi and Duolingo is a great resource


      I am a Punjabi speaker and would be happy to review beta version.

      It is much much easier to find materials written in Gurmukhi (script used in India / among Punjabis from India). However, numerically there are more speakers in Pakistan, where Punjabi would be written in Nastaliq style of Arabic script. It would be beneficial to have more resources to learn in Arabic script, however, Punjabi is written infrequently in Pakistan outside of material like poetry and song. Even having a newspaper in Punjabi is a relatively recent thing, and spelling is far from standardized. Transliterating from Gurmukhi to Arabic script is not consistent, either. I am currently working through the Punjabi course on Mango Languages, which is a Pakistani version, and there are a lot of spelling inconsistencies. Also, although ostensibly it is Majhi dialect, they are pronouncing one of the tones differently from the way it is pronounced in India. Writers of Punjabi in Pakistan are undecided as to how to represent certain sounds of the language. For example, sometimes they write /nahīṁ/ ("no"). In Punjabi pronunciation, the /h/ indicated a tone but is not pronounced per se. So sometimes they write /na'īṁ/.


      How do we get more traction on this? I am Punjabi myself but didn't grow up speaking the language, and it's difficult to find resources elsewhere on this language. How can we support this to become an available language??


      Personally I would like to see all of the major languages of the Indian subcontinent. Imagine if we had Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, and maybe others someday.


      Hi Duo, please start up a Punjabi course! Thanks.


      I would definitely start Punjabi if Duolingo offered it

      [deactivated user]

        people need to learn their langues and punjabi is one of them and might be the well known culture


        It’s the second most common immigrant language in the UK (no. 1 is Polish), and Sikh scripture was written in it. It should be here.


        I definitely would like to learn Punjabi


        I would definitely like to see Panjabi added to Duolingo. There are Sikh Sunday schools at a large scale across the world (especially big in Canada, UK, USA, Australia) that are working very very hard to teach Panjabi as a second language to the native kids. This would be a HUGE help to them and will go viral very soon!


        I noticed that you said Canada first. Do you by any chance live in Canada?


        Yes, I am interested in learning Punjabi, also Hindi.


        Please Make Punjabi!!!!!!


        Yes, I would like to have Punjabi on duolingo so my husband can learn to speak to my family!


        How is Punjabi still not on this site?


        To be honest, the resources for teaching Punjabi are not very developed compared to other languages. There are few models to go on that the "amateur" creators of Duolingo lessons can draw on. Less standardization. The first obstacle to overcome is to decide on the script. I've found that most speakers of Punjabi are more or less uneducated in formal grammar or even spelling. I don't say this to insult them, not at all. But aside from people who went to college and took their courses in Punjabi (at places like Patiala), Punjabi speakers don't get enough exposure to written Punjabi in a standard form, upon which basis to teach. Punjabi speakers outside of Punjab are totally fluent in speaking, and they might learn, for example, the Gurmukhi alphabet, but once you ask them to write there are so many mistakes. They get more exposure to correctly written Hindi, Urdu, and English than they do to Punjabi. It's the kind of educational experience you need from reading a lot in Punjabi. Again, I am not commenting on the intelligence of these individuals; they are amazing, and usually know multiple languages. It's just that one thing they don't get enough exposure to -- standardized, written language -- that makes the pool of potential Punjabi course creators small. I taught Punjabi for several years to students including many whose parents' language or very first language is Punjabi. And I see a lot of language that native speakers write on-line, so that's where my perspective/observations come from.


        yes I also find Punjabi courses just for checking online, where my native language Punjabi teach online but single tutorial i did not find. there is a lack of interest in teaching Punjabi. that is so bad for my beautiful language. I really thankful if doulingo start teaching Punjabi in their courses.


        I am dating a Punjabi guy and am DYING to learn it fluently. I was starting to learn Hindi on here as an alternative but really want to learn Punjabi on here. It's such a helpful app and gets you excited about learning. No other app like it. Please add Punjabi to the languages list!


        Punjabi for English speakers please and thank you!


        Since, you already know Hindi, Punjabi will not be much difficult to you. You can learn through any resource available on net. You just need to push a little and it will be simple.




        Yes please! I'd love to learn my native tongue properly.


        I would really like to learn Punjabi on Duolingo.


        i would like to see you help contribute to the hindi team first. If you know hindi too. i think it would help since it looks like only one contributor! I would like to learn punjabi b4 bengali or urdu though


        Yes, I would take it.


        I would absolutely love to learn Punjabi and any other Indian language, since they're very commonly spoken and written where I live in Canada and I'd like to be able to better communicate with those around me, which I suppose is the whole point of language learning


        im currently exposing myself to alot of different languages (or trying to lol ) and i really wish there was a course for this because i recently got a new job and the entire staff speak punjabi and although we communicate fine with english it would be so cool to talk in their native language


        what script would you use. the kind used in Urdu or Hindi


        Yes I believe having the major languages of the Indian subcontinent would attract more users.


        Yes. I hope that Duolingo offers this soon


        @ Larkin29 I would like that too!


        I'm glad to see that it's in the incubator. I'm looking forward to being able to speak this language. https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/en/pa/status


        I would very much like duolingo to have Punjab. I work in a very highly populated area of Indian / Punjab people and cannot find an adequate program that does teach this language.


        Punjabi is a language with an extremely high number of native speakers. I have noticed that languages from the Indian Subcontinent are underrepresented on Duolingo


        Does anyone know what's happening? There's been no progress for months now.


        YES! I would love to learn Punjabi (and Hindi if they ever hurry up and launch the course!) I can't really explain why I'm so drawn to it, but it's really a cool language! I'd be first in line to learn it if they'd develop the course!


        I would love to learn Punjabi with Duolingo. Many of my close friends speak the language fluently and I hate for them to have to translate for me when their family members speak to me or make a funny joke. I would definitely learn Punjabi if it were offered on Duolingo.


        I think its kinda strange that they've developed languages like welsh which have less than a million native speakers before Punjabi, which has nearly 100 million. I understand that lots of people would want to learn the conlangs, like high valyrian and klingon, making them viable financially, but surely there is a huge market for indian languages, considering its population, the diaspora and emerging economic potential.


        I Will definitely a Punjabi course on Duolingo I have learnt Hindi through the Duolingo app and I like the way Duolingo learns you the language. The Punjabi course (I mean the northern Indian punjabi) would be nice to have the gurumaki script. But if it’s easier a Punjabi course in Latin script would be appreciated because I want to speak and understand it and to read and write would be extra!


        I would love to help! I speak punjabi fluently.


        If you are familiar with the Gurmukhi script as well as fluent in English.. Perhaps, you could qualify as a contributor here:

        They're done with about 20% of the English for Punjabi (Gurmukhi) speakers course.. Perhaps on completion, the reverse tree, i.e. Punjabi for English speakers could be closer to becoming a reality as well.


        I hope that there is a Punjabi course soon. I think that Duolingo is handy to learn languages and has helped me greatly on my French. I believe that it can do the same with Punjabi.

        [deactivated user]

          Punjabi would be an excellent addition to the Duolingo roster.


          i really wanna learn it because I m gonna go to india and also i am really bored


          Fours years later, and still nothing. Give the people what they want, Duolingo! Don’t get me wrong, I am so, so grateful for what you have already offered—but don’t cut corners, and make it as short as the Hindi course. Saying that, Hindi should be revised and be at the same level as Mandarin


          Duolingo Punjabi: Yes please!!!


          I wish Duolingo to add a Punjabi course too. Punjabi is the language that I interested in. I see many posts ask Duolingo to add this language. But Punjabi still not available even most of the posts were created 4-5 years ago like this one. Therefore, I try to find other sources to learn Punjabi, and I found the app called 'Ling', I'm so happy that this app has a Punjabi course. Ling can be an alternative to Duolingo because you will learn by playing games similar to Duolingo. You can try here: https://ling-app.com/ (has both browser and app version)


          Thanks for showing that app. I wish it was more accurate with the transliteration. I saw some typos in the first lesson. But it's a good start! Also, the pronunciation is rather artificial.


          Oh! I just started so I didn't notice, I think you should contact the support team to fix that.


          I won't be using it because I already know Punjabi and it will take too much of my time to check all of their work for them! :) But I think it's ok and you should use it. I have posted many times explaining why I think we don't have Punjabi on Duo and why it's hard to find "apps" to learn it. I used to teach Punjabi in university, so I understand what the status is, of teaching Punjabi in the world. Some people assume it is equal to adding any language on Duo, but it's not. So my advice is simply use Ling and any other app you can find. You will definitely learn something even if it's not perfect. My other advice is to start learning Hindi or Urdu first, if your preference is for apps, and then after that teach yourself Punjabi from other sources. Because Punjabi is about 88% the same as Hindi, and there are so many more professional sources to learn Hindi already. I actually learned Hindi/Urdu before Punjabi (though it was before apps existed). The main things the apps offer is 1) practice getting the grammar forms practiced and 2) building basic vocabulary. Since grammar of Punjabi is 90+% same as Hindi, and much of the basic vocabulary is the same, you can start with Hindi. The biggest difference between Hindi and Indian Punjabi is the writing... but I don't think apps teach writing very well. Pakistani Punjabi and Urdu have same writing, so if you want to learn Urdu first, then reading Punjabi will be no problem. Mango Languages has a good course in Punjabi written Pakistani way.

          Nor do the apps teach speaking well.

          Also, anybody who speaks Punjabi will understand if you speak to them in Hindi/Urdu. There is a special challenge to getting Punjabi speakers to let you speak Punjabi with them. It is like (I don't know if you will get this example) if you want to speak to Black people in the US in African American English. You just have to learn Standard English first, then you can build on that to figure out the African American dialect.

          I am doing similar thing. I wanted to learn Cantonese, but the resources are few and not so good. So I started learning Mandarin. I will get the "feeling" of "Chinese" in my brain first, from the great mandarin resources, and then someday when I try Cantonese it will be easier to figure out Cantonese lessons.

          If you have any questions about Punjabi, you can just ask me here.

          First tip: The Ling lessons don't pronounce the "h" correctly. In Punjabi, except at the beginning of a word, you shouldn't pronounce H. It is written to show tone. (Tone like in Chinese. Punjabi is the only tonal Indian language.) So for example, the Ling lesson has tuhāḍā ("your"), and they pronounce H. But it should really sound like "tuaada" with the voice rising up.


          this is really helpful I will go and try ling. I am just interested in the spoken word rather than written


          I hope that learning Punjabi is available on Duolingo soon. I wanna improving my vocab in Punjabi


          Same here. It really should be added.


          Yes, I really want to learn Punjabi :)


          Yes, I wish there was a Punjabi course on Duolingo. It is my preferred language learning website, and I would love to be able to read some spiritual text written in Punjabi.


          I am fluent in Punjabi and would seriously like to contribute in any way to get this language up and running in duolingo as most individuals are familiar with duolingo. It's being used is schools as well which makes it easier to get kids to sign up so that they can learn a language that their grandparents, parents and extended family speak. I know that it would be very beneficial for it to be added. But I can see this request was made maybe 5 years ago ....not sure why it hasn't been added yet. :-(


          Yes, please. Do add Punjabi to Duolingo. I really want to learn and Duolingo is the best way!


          I too would love to see punjabi added to Duolingo! I have married into a Panjabi-speaking family and want to learn so I can teach my future kids!


          I would be interested - it is a language that lots of minority people speak in my area


          When will duolingo have a punjabi course


          Yes I would be interested in this as I have also married into a Punjabi family.


          YES, DO IT!!!!


          I have no intention of learning it but I'm always for adding more languages to this site.


          I would love to learn Punjabi! My parents are native speakers, but I can't get the hang of it. I always get teased because of my poor Punjabi, but nobody really gives me a chance to learn it. I hope Duolingo adds a Punjabi course, then I--and many others--will be able to speak and write in it.


          Same for me. And there aren't any adequate programs for kids of native speakers :P


          I still get teased for it now!! What will happen to the next generation? the language will die.


          I do too! Practically my dads whole family can speak Punjabi, and i would love to be able to make communicating with them easier!


          Same here - my mum's family speaks Punjabi, but I never learnt, so if I could learn Punjabi, I would be able to speak with family members who only speak basic English much better than I can now


          Same! I would love to learn it! I’ve tried so many times to start learning, but then I stop and forget it all. I think if Duolingo had a course, it would really help me and many others to learn this beautiful language!


          I am already a Punjabi!!!


          I would like to learn.


          I would love to build the course! Please let me DUOLINGO!


          I married into a Punjabi family and I want to learn the language and be able to speak it with my children.


          Yes, I am ethnically punjabi, born in Canada. Unfortunately, I never learned the language other than a few words here and there. I am currently learning French on duolingo and would love to learn Punjabi also.


          I would love a Punjabi course. There's many people welcoming me into cultural beliefs and circles, and it'd nice to know the basics at least...


          I would love a course on Punjabi.


          This is the tenth most spoken language in the world, yet online there are little to no solid and free ways to learn it. I'd be thrilled if they added a Punjabi course, and I think that a lot of other people would be as well. Hoping that a team forms and works to make this happen!


          I'd love this. I'm half Pakistani, but my dad doesn't remember enough to teach me, and his parents passed away before I was born. I feel like learning Punjabi could really help me connect with that side of my heritage


          I would love to learn Punjabi!

          [deactivated user]

            I really want to learn punjabi too!! Both of my parents can speak it fluently and I can't. It is the 10th most-spoken language in the world yet duolingo still doesn't have a course for it.


            I would also love to learn Punjabi


            Almost 150 comments says "Duolingo is overdue for Punjabi lessons." Put some Punjabi on here, please!!


            I would love to learn Punjabi and have always been interested. I would like to communicate with my family more easily.


            Hello, I would also like to learn Punjabi. Where i work there is a high volume of Punjabi speakers and it would be great to know the basics


            I am in a Punjabi family and struggle to communicate with certain relatives due to the language barrier. I would be interested in learning this language


            I LOVE the Hindi language and I have come to really like the "sound" and "flow" of Punjabi. I heard that it was a " Hindi" dialect. It just sounds so beautiful! :) I hope one day Duolingo will offer this course! :) Thanks for the post! :)


            @Tracy382545 Punjabi is not a dialect of Hindi, but the two are closely related "sister" languages. If you want to learn it, why not learn Hindi? The sound and flow of Punjabi is something one has to really work at. It's like, I dunno, African American Vernacular English. Better to learn Standard US English first, then work on AAVE. Learn Hindi and then work on Punjabi.


            I know this thread wasn’t posted ages ago, but I’d really love to learn Punjabi since my fiancé and all hisfriends and family speak it. But there’s not a lot of good reliable online options that don’t cost more than I make in a day for one lesson


            @Cheshire914807 I don't mean to pry, but where do you live? Maybe there is a local option.

            The path to learning Punjabi is not as clear and straight as for most of the Duolingo languages. Trust me, I know.

            Shall I wager your fiancé is Sikh? If so, I'd recommend learning to read/write Gurmukhi script from someone connected with the family's gurdwara. Even if they are poor teachers, they will be able to teach it better than Duo would.

            With that piece covered, learn the grammar of Punjabi by... studying Hindi on Duolingo! Hindi and Punjabi are 90% similar to one another. In fact, if you speak Hindi (the common dialect, taught on Duo) they will understand 100% of what you say.

            Lastly, get a book to learn Punjabi. Try "An Introduction to Punjabi," published by Punjabi University Patiala. The book alone won't teach you Punjabi, of course. What you'll be doing at that point is studying to see how to tweak your Hindi and make it into Punjabi. This isn't as crazy as it sounds. Most Punjabi speakers know both Punjabi and Hindi/Urdu to an extent, and they are able to make those tweaks to move back and forth. You might but saying, "But no! I just want to learn Punjabi! I don't want to waste time with another language!" Sorry. It doesn't work that way. See, there is a reason why there are not more accessible resources for learning Punjabi; they are complicated. You don't just get handed a convenient thing like Duolingo and learn Punjabi. You just don't. This thread has been going on for ages and people point out that Punjabi has X number of speakers so "why isn't there a Duo course?" etc. I know exactly why there isn't a course, why there probably won't be one soon, and why even when/if there is, it won't be satisfactory... but it's way too complicated to explain concisely. If you're going to learn, and you're not going to take a class, then follow my method:

            1. Learn to read Gurmukhi. It's one of the easiest Indian scripts, and you'll need it so you can access information in sources and to understand how to pronounce properly.

            2. Study Hindi with free apps.

            3. Study Punjabi with free/cheap grammar books, comparing it to Hindi.


            I live in Canada.. but from what the native Hindi speakers who have learnt Punjabi have told me - I can tell u that they are still two different languages :) Secondly- there is a Pimsleur course if ur willing to pay the money. 3rdly - duolingo teaches the basics - not a comprehensive understanding. That’s all I’m after.


            Yes, they are two different languages. I speak both. But they are 90% similar. People's perception of difference is exaggerated due to identity politics. In practice, Native Hindi speakers will have more trouble with Punjabi, whereas Punjabi speakers have less trouble with Hindi because they are exposed to it. The person said they didn't want to pay for something like Pimsleur. I really love Punjabi most, and I was a co-author of a textbook for learning Punjabi. But my opinion stands that if someone is wanting to learn Punjabi in the sort of casual, relatively passive way associated with computer programs -- if someone is not committed to taking an actual classroom course in Punjabi -- then their best bet is to approach Punjabi through Hindi. You will get a basic understanding of Punjabi if you study Hindi on Duolingo. The biggest difference you'll experience in negotiating the two languages is the writing system and the pronunciation -- yet Duolingo does not do a good job teaching either of those things. Duolingo is a tool that helps us build vocabulary and get comfortable with grammar and syntax, which are 90% similar. Once you get to the stage where real language learning takes place -- talking to people -- if you don't "look" Punjabi then more often than not the Punjabi speaker will talk back to you in Hindi. Until you get to the stage where you can already speak good Punjabi, the people you talk to will tend to assume you are trying to speak Hindi or they will think you will understand better if they speak in Hindi. So, it helps to know Hindi to be able to recognize what is going on.

            I am in a similar situation right now because I wanted to learn Cantonese, however there are some challenges to accessing resources. So, I am learning Mandarin and at some point in the future I will build off my Mandarin skills to learn Cantonese. The key thing right now is to train my mind to think in a "Chinese" way, which I can do with the many Mandarin resources. If you have any specific questions about Punjabi, I can answer them.


            I would love this course to be available!


            I am Punjabi i know how to speak Punjabi but i don't know how to write it.


            brother this easiest language if you want to learn. try Punjabi university Patiala online Punjabi language course (Free)


            I tried to make a course to learn Punjabi from English but there is no option available to teach Punjabi in Duolingo,


            brother, you can submit a form online in this application


            I speak Urdu and English and I can understand like 20-30% of Punjabi. However, knowing that there are 4.5 times more native speakers of punjabi then my native language in my country, I absolutely want to learn punjabi. It just sounds so cool and soulful to me.


            Can't wait to have Punjabi Lessons here on Duo! Aweeesome


            please i would love this haha


            I would love to learn Punjabi, it was actually my first language but I lost all confidence speaking it (my granny used to giggle at my VERY English accent). I can understand it but find getting the words out in the right order difficult. I can also read and write it but takes a looong time!!! Would be great to get my confidence back and shock my parents with near perfect Punjabi (in an English accent of course!!)


            Same, it is my mother tongue, and I can still understand it without difficulty, as it is spoken in my home, though not by me.. But my grammar and pronounciation is always broken, and my cousins (who live in the village and are more fluent) have made fun of me for trying to speak it, so I feel shy speaking it..

            I hope the course gets offered soon (I saw a Punjabi to English course in the incubator, but it seems to be in the very early stages), as I would like to be able to learn it systematically, as well as read and write the original Gurmukhi script.
            Chunga hovay, je' assi sikhiyeh


            I also think Hindi should be revised. It should at least be at the level/length as Mandarin


            If you are fluent in Punjabi, you could contribute to making a new course in the incubator section! I am just posting this because I found out about it like 2 seconds ago!


            I would like to learn Punjabi!!


            I want punjabi course!


            Don't we all, Jeel... Don't we all


            I would like to see a Punjabi course (Gurmukhi) on Duolingo!


            I would appreciate learning Gurmukhi punjabi through Duolingo


            i know how to speak i would love to learn write and read


            I'd really like to learn Punjabi. Most of my coworkers speak the language and while they're teaching me some words I think it'll be helpful to learn it fully


            Yes I would love for the language Punjabi to be added in Duolingo as I am currently learning the alphabets!! This course is necessary for me lol. I feel left out since I’m the only one in my family who doesn’t know how to read and write :( I mix up English and Punjabi because I’m not fluent...


            i wanted to learn punjabi maybe duolingo need to add punjabi we should also make punjabi for english speaker by the way what is the flag of punjabi


            Punjab is a state in India, so it would be an Indian flag


            Correct - from a country flag perspective an India flag or Pakistan flag is used. However just like every state, province, city across the world it also has its own flag to represent at state levels too. Can’t post a pic but you can google it for sure.


            I would love to see this language on Duolingo. I have so many friends who wish to learn punjabi and I think duolingo is a perfect platform for learning languages.


            I'd love to learn punjabi too! I have family members who speak it and would love to be able to communicate with them better, especially as where I live currently there are no classes available!


            yes I also want punjabi


            Yes!! Please!!!! I also married into a Punjabi family and would greatly appreciate a Duolingo course in Punjabi. I know that my mother-in-law would also really love to learn english from Punjabi too!


            I applied to contribute to English for Punjabi speakers and Punjabi for English speakers. I am yet to hear from anyone.


            Same case with me. It's not even on https://incubator.duolingo.com anymore


            Yes! I would love to learn as well. My partner is Punjabi and I want to to teach it to our future children


            This would be really useful for me not making myself out to be a total ❤❤❤❤❤❤ to various Punjabi people I know down here. Prolly only mostly an ❤❤❤❤❤❤ or just "generally an ❤❤❤❤❤❤"--as oppose to "totally an ❤❤❤❤❤❤"

            I would try to target for "not an ❤❤❤❤❤❤ at all"... but I think I should keep my goals somewhat realistic.

            So yeah... upvoted.


            Definitely. I want to learn to where I live a lot of people speak Punjabi, learning it would even open up job opportunities for me.


            Yup. I have close neighbours whose first language is Punjabi, I'd love to learn


            i think thats a great idea


            you should do it i would love to lean it


            I am also marrying into a Punjabi family and would love to learn the language!


            Yes please add punjabi


            they need Punjabi and farsi


            YES I want Duolingo to have Punjabi. I help Punjabi students at a high school and I am so interested in learning their language so I can connect with them more.


            There are many Pakistanis in Hong Kong. Many of them don't speak Cantonese or English. Hope there is a Punjabi course.

            [deactivated user]

              I would love to learn Panjabi. Panjabi MCcus one artist that makes cool songs. I wish to understand them better. Being from NY there are SO MANY dialects from India I hear in my daily travels. Urdu, Pashtu and Panjabi will be great additions to Duolingo as these people’s are being noticed more and they GREATLY have contributed to our daily lives.


              Sat Sri akal! Mein Punjabi Sikh di ah! I'm currently learning Punjabi but without Gurmukhi or other script, just speaking or writing in English alphabet! Would love a course on Duolingo though it would be a big help!


              I would like to see Punjabi added to DuoLingo's courses for English speakers.




              Thanks!☺I'll give this a try


              I am an Indian and in love with the Punjabi language. I want to learn it on Duolingo as it's the best way to learn a language.

              When is the Punjabi for English/Hindi speakers course being launched?


              Sure, but personally I'd be more interested in a variety besides Standard Punjabi of which there are many resources available. Perhaps Seraiki?


              Yes I love the culture and would love to learn the language. plus many of my friends speak this language.


              I love the song "Bad karma" and it seems its a rare language, i want to learn it along with my Russian


              I'm interested in learning Pubjabi on Duolingo!


              yes! Please let's learn it on duolingo! I went to visit and want to go again but will need to know the language at least a little.


              I would really love if they made a Punjabi course. As you said, the resources online are sparse and if it was made, I am confident it will be excellently recieved.


              A Punjabi course would be wonderful!! Please please!!!


              Make a Punjabi course its in high demand


              yes i would, i am in the same boat now married into a Punjabi family.


              Hell yes! I can speak a bit but keep on being told off cos I get the terms wrong or something, so this would help!


              hi Faith.Worth you can use google translate just copy all the words and apply it here https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply


              i think gumrukhi is the best one and shahmuki sucks because it use urdu script and urdu and hindi are same. so gumrukhi was the first punjabi language but pakistani are taking all indians languages i am also pakistani but i love india.


              I agree! Please add Gurmukhi to Duolingo


              There are a lot of Punjabi speakers, and recently being on tiktok with so many Punjabi speaking people, this would be a huge help.


              I would like to learn too!

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