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Je suis français

Bonjour, Je suis français et je cherche à échanger en français et en anglais. J'ai 20 ans et j'étudie à l'université. Je ne suis pas très bon en anglais mais j'essaye de m'améliorer. J'aime étudier, m'amuser, jouer de la musique et faire de nouvelles rencontre. Amicalement Paul le français.

July 22, 2015



Bonjour! My name is Emma and I'm 17 years old. I'm American and I study French in high school. I would love to improve my French though. I love to read and write, take pictures, and I play the cello. I would like to practice my French with you and I'll help you practice your English. Au revoir!


nice i would like to practice my french with you ... i will tell you that i m noy great in it but it will be a pleasure for me to pacticite and by the way i can help you in english .....any way take care and good bye


Bonjour, Je m'appelle Giang et j'ai 27 ans. Je suis vietnamienne et je vais en France (à Paris) cette août pour étudier le master.

I will study in English so my French skill is not very good now; but I can definitely help you improve your English as I used to be an English tutor when I was in university :-). And you can help me practice my French as well.

I love reading, singing, listening to music and travelling. It's nice to know you!

À bientôt - Giang


Hello Giang, Nice to know you too! Do you have something for contact you ? (e-mail, or facebook)


Bonjour Paul, sorry for the late reply. My email: giang.2912@gmail.com; you can also search for my FB with the same email address (FB name: Phung Thi Huong Giang). Bonne journée!


Hello, my name is Dusty and I am 33 years old, which makes learning a language a little more difficult then the younger learners. I recently moved to Brussels for my spouses job from Washington DC, I am American, and am learning French for the first time. I would also like to practice my French with somebody. Of course there is a whole city of French speakers to practice with here, but I am not super confident about what I know yet and most people don't have the time or patience to bear with me. Also, as a native English speaker I would be more than happy to help you practice since you would have to deal with my awful French pronunciation. Au revoir!


Bonjour, Hi my name is Logan and I'm 16 years old. I am American and I have to learn French in High School but I need some help. With basic thing and more advanced. I love to read, do art, write play/musicals, and I play the violin. So if you can help me I could help you. Bonsoir.


Yes of course. Nice to know you!

[deactivated user]

    Je m'appelle Vajresh. Je viens d'inde. Je m'intéresse aux langues. J'aime le français. J'aime écouter de la musique. Je suis marié.

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