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Incorrect French translation

I was practicing French the other day when Duolingo told me that my translation of "I understand your words" (Je comprendre tes mots) was incorrect, and that the correct translation "Je saisis tes mots" should be used instead.

I'm no expert in French, but I'm fairly certain this is incorrect and needs to be fixed. I've included a screenshot. Thank you!


October 16, 2013



"Je comprendre tes mots" is not correct. "Comprendre" is infinitive, like "to understand". What you entered is like "I to understand your words".

The correct answer would be "Je comprends tes mots" or "Je saisis tes mots". It would be really better if the app suggested the first option, of course.


Thanks for clearing that up for me!


I think with a problem like this it is more helpful to just report the issue within the lesson. That's how the courses are improved! (As a side note, your sentence would want to be "je comprends tes mots")

Good luck!


How do you go about doing that? I'm new to Duolingo. Thank you.


Unfortunately, you can only report sentences directly in the web version. On iPhone, you can use Feedback option in Settings and explain the problem there.


Thank you for that information.


I just came across this lesson myself. Aside from "comprends" it says "Je saisis" should be correct. But, in the same lesson, it teaches "je saisis" as "I grab..."

I'm pretty sure "I understand" (or really, "I know") is "Je sais" (verb "savoir"), NOT "saisis" (from the verb saisir.")


I put," Je comprends tes mots", and lost a heart!

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