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  5. "We are thankful to them."

"We are thankful to them."

Translation:Táimid buíoch díobh.

July 23, 2015



Buíochas le dia. I tried to say, táimid buíochas leo. I guess that's something like 'we are, thanks be to them.' I can see where it's wrong.


Now I'm confused. Re: "thankful to them". Shouldn't "to them" be "dóibh"? Isn't "off them" ="díobh"? as in "bainimid na lucha díobh"?


That question has already been addressed in the earlier comments.

Buíoch takes the preposition de, not do.


SatharnPHL Táim buíoch díot


Is there a more irish way to say this? i.e I am tired is = tá me tuirseach or better yet tá tuirse orm. Is there a ¨ tá buíoch orainn díobh"?


No... this is the Irish way to say it.


why is it díobh and not dóibh


Because in Irish you're buíoch de someone, not buíoch do. Prepositions hardly match up between languages; you're rarely going to get a one-to-one substitution on meaning.


go raibh maith agat galaxyrocker. I find prepositions difficult to decipher


I hate to even ask this one, since it was probably covered in the first lesson...

Is there a difference (even a subtle one) between the meaning/usage of tá muid and táimid?

Is it similar to the difference between we are and we’re?

Again, I’m sorry to ask such a basic question...


Yes, it's similar to the difference between we are and we're, except some dialects favour one over the other.


There is a subtle difference between "we are" and "we're". "We're" is a contraction and is not used in formal contexts.

This distinction does not exist in Irish. Táimid is not a contraction of Tá muid.

There is one occurrence of Tá muid in the New English Irish Dictionary. There are over 500 occurrences of táimid (because táimid is the preferred form in An Caighdeán Oifigiúil).

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