"The journalist wrote a good article about us."

Translation:La ĵurnalisto verkis bonan artikolon pri ni.

July 23, 2015

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Why is skribis marked as incorrect by Duo?


Perhaps he dictated it to his secretary. :-)

"Verki" is to put thoughts into words as journalists and authors do. (verkistoj)

"Skribi" is to fix signs representing words on material (today also digitally) as e.g. typists do. (skribistoj)

"Komposti" was to prepare it for printing. (Today normally done by computer) (kompostistoj)

In old days the authors only sang there songs as wandering poets and were not able to write. Only the best could afford a writer.

Than more and more people wrote themselves, but could not afford a typesetter. They had to find a publisher.

Today you can do all steps by yourself using a computer. :-)


it is marked as correct now

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