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Verb question.

What do you do when a verb doesn't fit into one of the tenses? ''I can sleep on the chair'', for example. Do you use the verb for sleep like it is found in the dictionary, or do you use the verbal adjective, or what?

July 23, 2015



This “can” is a modal auxiliary verb, so you’d need to use one of its Irish equivalents.


Those examples refer a subject and a verbal noun - (I can write Irish), but I'm not sure where the subject is in "I can sleep on the chair".

Codladh is the Verbal Noun form of codail, so would Is féidir liom codladh ar an gcathaoir be the right construction?

A quick internet search turns up exactly 7 examples of this construction, which might mean that it's an easy mistake to make, or that the prhrase just doesn't come up that often!


Yes, that’s a valid construction.


I thought the the object came before the verbal noun. Would, Is féidir liom ar an gcathaoir a codladh, also be acceptable?


Cathaoir is not an object of the verbal noun; it’s an object in a prepositional phrase, independent of the verbal noun.


Ok, thank you. I'm beginning to understand, I think.

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