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  5. "Vi har en lang vei å gå."

"Vi har en lang vei å gå."

Translation:We have a long way to go.

July 23, 2015



Sounds almost like the English.


Yeah. This sentence sounds like English spoken with a Norwegian accent.


Denne setningen minner meg om denne sangen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX2zI9MncCw


Haha, I linked the same video on the opposite sentence! Great minds think alike!


The song instantly popped into my mind.


"Way" is a very broad word in english. For example you could say "let's go this way" or "This is way too difficult" or "In what way?". Is norwegian the same or does it have different words for these?


It covers your first example, both in the sense of general direction and as a translation of "road".

It does not function as an adverb. For your second example we'd translate "way too" as "altfor".

As for your third example it's a little more complicated. The word can related to the way in which something is done, but it's mostly in the form of a few set (and often antiquated) phrases:

"Ad lovlig vei" (="På lovlig vis")
"Through legal means"

For the most part it's not going to work as a direct translation, and we'd default to "måte" or "vis".


Thanks as always for the speedy responses.


Bare hyggelig! :)


Ohh, veldig veldig interessant og viktig også! Mange takk for det, Deliciae som altid! X )

[deactivated user]

    Why does this sound so much like English spoken with a very thick accent? :'D


    Why lang and not leng

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