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"We gaven hun een ding."

Translation:We gave them a thing.

3 years ago


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In the normal speed version «ding» sounds «kling», at least in my phone :O

11 months ago


Isn't it supposed to be "we gaven HEN een ding"?

3 years ago

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Apparently (source, in Dutch) you use hen after a preposition or as an object, and hun as an indirect object, so in this case it would be either "we gaven hun een ding" or "we gaven aan hen een ding" (although I would change that to "we gaven een ding aan hen"). Anyway, many Dutch people will probably make mistakes here as well, and in some cases (apparently less formal situations according to the website I linked), you can substitute hun/hen with ze

3 years ago


What's Dutch for dingus, doohickey, thingamajig?

1 year ago