"Kion vi rekomendas ke mi manĝu en la restoracio?"

Translation:What do you recommend that I eat in the restaurant?

July 23, 2015

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Why is the imperative used (...ke mi manĝu...)?


Because it's a "desired result" - you would also use it after "want, desire, wish" and similar verbs.

Note that conservative English grammar would use the subjunctive here: "What do you recommend that he eat in the restaurant?" (rather than that he eats, indicative).


Esperanto doesn't have an imperative mood or subjunctive mood, but what's called a 'jussive' mood that talks about requests, wishes, desires, &c. This is used in cases where languages would use the imperative mood or subjunctive mood.


Seems like it should take suggest in place of recommend. I reported that.


Suggest and recommend are not exactly the same

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