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  5. "Jag har en fisk i väskan."

"Jag har en fisk i väskan."

Translation:I have a fish in the bag.

July 23, 2015



Why does it remind me with English idiom "Cat in the bag" thehee...


Yeah, same here. I'm kind of wondering if this can be used as an idiom..


It isn't an idiom, but I think it refers to a language game played in the Swedish course book Rivstart.


Ah okay, tack! :)


I wrote "my bag" which was marked wrong. So ownership can be implicit for body parts, but not for things you are holding, is that right?


No, it makes sense to translate it to "my bag". Added it now.


The comments have now become a part of my regular studies. Thank you all for the great information!


can väska be used as påse ? like for the plastic bags for shopping ?


Yes påse is a plastic bag


To add a little, en plastpåse is a plastic bag and en papperspåse is a paper bag, but we often just say påse about that kind of bag.
en väska cannot be a bag like a plastic bag for shopping, but it can be a bag such as a handbag, purse, travel bag, clutch, or something like that.


We also have kasse (carrier bag?) = en större påse vanligen med handtag, vanligen i tyg, papper eller plast

Påse (=bag) = en sorts behållare skapad i böjbart material, vanligen mjukplast, tyg eller papper

Then we have "säck" who is even bigger than "kasse".


Wow first, " han drycker inte oljan" and now this, are the producers okay?


* dricker – dricker means 'drinks' as in 'he drinks' and drycker means 'drinks' as in 'beverages'.
And we're just fine :)


Ok... Just checking...


Why do people find this one so weird though? I've had aquariums for half my life, so whenever I buy new fish and transport them home this is a perfectly normal sentence to say for me.


Reminds me of going home from the funfair as a kid with a goldfish in a plastic bag.


Mostly because "väska" isn't a plastic bag, so it's more like "I have a fish in my purse/briefcase/suitcase".


Well yeah, I won't hold the plastic bag in my hands the whole way home and stick it into my other bag instead. ;)


Why is "in a bag" wrong? I think i understand but im not sure


'in a bag' would be i en väska but i väskan is 'in the bag' (or 'in my bag', that's probably what's implied here).


What type of bag does this refer to? In English it can have any meaning depending on country/area, ranging from plastic bag you get in a shop to a woman purse, bag for rice or even rucksack. What would a native imagine the container is?


We don't use väska for shopping bags, but we do use it as an umbrella term for suitcases, purses, rucksacks, etc. So it's impossible to tell without context.


This sentence cracked me up when the voice said it out loud XD

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