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Pronunciation between ви, ти

I just want to clarify if I'm pronouncing these two words correctly.

ви to me sounds like "Vooy"

ти to me sounds like "Tea"

So these two words don't rhyme? If so, how do I know when И will sound like the и in ви, or when it will sound like the И in ти?

I'm also having a hard time differentiating "И" sound and "І" sound

July 23, 2015



They actually rhyme, and you can only differentiate them by the в and т. The и is a close "e" sound, which does not exist in English as far as I know. It's closer to the French e in Je. So this way, the ви and ти would be:

  • ви: Ve (French e)
  • ти: Te (same)

It seems like there is a soft w sound after the в, and it's another clue to identify it.
Now the і would be the English ee, in which your tongue goes closer to the hard palate than the и.
I hope that helps. Удачі :D


I'm using this site http://www.ukrainianlanguage.org.uk/read/unit02/page2-1.htm, and after listening to ти 30 times, it still sounds like "Tea" as in teapot to my ear :( But ви and чи clearly rhyme, unless there's also a soft w sound after ч


The pronunciations in this site sound weird for me also, I hear "tea" too. Try these:
- http://pt.forvo.com/word/%D0%B2%D0%B8/#uk
- http://pt.forvo.com/search/%D1%82%D0%B8/uk/


Ahh, much better. Thanks for the help

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