"Do you know your way about this city?"

Translation:Er du kjent i denne byen?

July 23, 2015

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It reads to me like "Are you known in this city?". How would that be different?


I was about to post the same question. I see that yours was asked a year ago...have you since discovered a difference? (Interestingly, I received this sentence previously as a translation exercise and I had indeed written "are you known in this city" and it was accepted. Then, I got the same sentence as a multiple choice question and I see now that it has the other meaning- I too would like to know the difference, if any.)


This is also my question. Any answers out there?


My best guess is "are you knowledgeable in this city" and the meaning is more implied than stated.


I thought "dette"=this and "denne"=that. Can someone clarify please? Much apreciated.


'den'(masculine/feminine) and 'det'(neuter) mean 'that' or 'it'.

'denne'(masculine/feminine) and 'dette'(neuter) mean 'this'.

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