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Bug Report ~ Ring Hint

Saluton al ĉiuj,

I did some searching and couldn't find a better place to report this, so please excuse me if this is the wrong area.

I just wanted to let the team know that if the English word "ring" as in "the telephone rings" is clicked for a hint in (I believe) Affixes 1 on the latest version of the Android app, the app crashes and all progress is lost. I replicated this twice.

Korajn salutojn!

Edit: if we need a bug report thread, I would be happy to edit the title and have this be used for future reports.

July 23, 2015



I'm not sure where the right place to report bugs is, but I noticed that there is a forum category called "Troubleshooting". Maybe you could move it to that category and see what happens?


I did notice that board, but I wasn't sure if it was better here given that it is specific to the Esperanto course - I was wondering if it might just be the entry for the word, which is something the team could investigate.

I'll send it over there if need be; thanks for the suggestion!


I'm still guessing here, but it could be that Troubleshooting is meant for technical issues, whereas the individual language forums might be for issues related to typographic errors in the courses, etc. If I am right about this, then the application crashing would be a technical issue. But, it is good that you seek clarification before moving it.


I suggest putting a note on one of the Esperanto team's activity threads. They may not see your thread here among everything else. You can find the contributor list hear

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