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"This bus is not turning right after the post office."

Translation:Bu otobüs postaneden sağa dönmüyor.

July 23, 2015



When I typed "Bu otobüs postaneden sonra sağa dönmüyor" why is sonra not acceptable? Is it just relative to time?


Yep :) It is more about time rather than space. :)


But doesn't "postaneden" with no other qualifier mean "from the post office" rather than "after"?


I typed the same sentence (with sonra), and it has accepted now.


Isn't suffix negation here should be "me"

dönmeyor not dönmüyor. ???


The -iyor ending "eats" any vowel in front of it and then adds a 4-way harmony vowel that depends on the last vowel before that.

So you have dönme- + -İyor = dönm- + -İyor (last vowel -e gets eaten) = dönmüyor (-İ of suffix harmonises with the last vowel ö to become ü).

Compare with cases such as "söylüyor":

söyle- + -İyor = söyl- + İyor = söylüyor.

So instead of the final -e of the stem turning into -i as per 4-part vowel harmony, it simply gets eaten entirely and then the harmony vowel agrees with the "ö" in front of it.


Thaaanks :)))

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