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  5. "I do not like to run."

"I do not like to run."

Translation:Я не люблю бігати.

July 23, 2015



I wrote не люблю бігати but DuoLingo wants me to include the я Do i always need to?


Generally you should not omit "я" or other subject in situations like this. But, as Vinnfred said in previous exercises, you can do it in informal situations or poetry.


I wrote, "я не люблю бігті" and got it wrong. What is the difference between "бігті" and "бігати"? Both were displayed in the hint.


There're two different words for "run" in Ukranian - бігати and бігти. They are not interchangeable. The difference is similar to the one between ходити and йти. You use бігти when you move in some particular time in some particular direction (Я біжу до тебе - I'm running to you) and бігати is more of a habitual action, when you repeatedly run to some place or just run as an exercise (Я бігаю щоранку - I run every morning)

There are such pairs for other motion verbs too: плисти/пливти - плавати (to swim), летіти - літати (to fly), їхати - їздити (to go by vehicle), йти - ходити (to go)

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