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"Мої друзі подорожували, а я працював."

Translation:My friends were traveling, and I was working.

July 23, 2015



Does "a" in Ukrainian function the way it does in Russian? That is to say, introducing a contrast between the two things it connects? I translated this as "My friends traveled, but I worked."


"My friends traveled, but I worked." скоріше перекладеться як "Мої друзі подорожували, проте (але) я працював"


But in a similar sentence (You like eggs, but they like mayonnaise) you get marked wrong by duolingo when you use "але", they require "a" exactly because of that contrast construct. So I find it unfair that in the sentence here, "but" is not accepted.

[deactivated user]

    yes, exactly


    DL is indicating that but is wrong


    Я працювала але я прауював, it would depend on who is talking


    Was working and worked at the same

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