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  5. "Thug siad comhairle duit."

"Thug siad comhairle duit."

Translation:They gave advice to you.

July 23, 2015



Does 'comhairle' really mean all the meanings of both 'council' and 'counsel'?


You can see it used in examples here


Well I'll be. I should learn to look stuff up there first (and also to reply to comments instead of adding new top-level ones :-). Thanks!


Why not "an advice"?


In English, 'advice' is what we call a mass noun. We can't say a(n) or use a number with these words; we need to add another word to do that: a piece of advice, a piece of information, two cups of flour, three glasses of water, and so on.

Nouns that we can* count, like cow, book, apple are (unsurprisingly) called count nouns, and we can say two cows, a (or one) book, etc. You need to add a count noun to a mass noun to use the mass noun with a or a number. A pound of meat, two pages of information, etc.

Hope that's helpful.


What is wrong with "They gave counsel to you"?

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