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"Com que idade as crianças começam a pagar?"

Translation:At what age do children start paying?

October 17, 2013



Why "com" here? With what age? Why not "de que idade", or "por qual idade", ou "em qual idade", ou "na que idade"?


What's the difference: " A que idade as criancas começam a pagar?" vs "Que idade as criancas começam a pagar?"


The first is correct "A que idade" but when you write only "Que idade" it seems the children pay the age.


Oh, excellent. Thanks so much!


Is "at what age do THE children begin to play" actually wrong? It has the article in the sentence so I don't understand why it wouldn't count.


"Play" is "jogar" for a game or "tocar" for an instrument, but if you had typed "pay," I think your sentence would have been fine.


i meant to put pay in my comment, I've been at duolingo so long today I'm typing some words out of habit. My question was about the article "as" before "Criancas"


Haha, it happens! Yeah, I think your version should have been accepted--use the report button to suggest it next time you get this sentence. :)


Can someone explain exactly what purpose "a" serves before pagar?


The verb "começar + infinitive" need the "a" between both. Ex.: Eu começo a beber (I start to drink) / Você começa a correr (You start to run) / Nós começamos a ler (We start to read). Other verbs don't need the "a", but need other complements: "que" or "de" or nothing. It depends on the first verb. Eu tenho que pagar (I have to pay) Eu gosto de correr (I like to run) Eu amo cantar (I love to sing).


I have read from other threads that "a" just needs to precede some infinitive verbs. So, you just have to learn when to use that rule.


Why is "at which age THE children start to pay" wrong?


You need "At which age 'do' the children start to pay". It is grammatically incorrect how you wrote it.


"Kids" instead of "children" is not accepted


Literal or word by word translations only ?

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