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Add function that allows user to indicate that they are weak with a word so that it may be practiced more

December 30, 2012



Yes! I would love this feature. I have some words and phrases that I struggle with much more than others and would like to have extra practice with.


Basically, a way to reduce your recorded "proficiency"?


I would definitely like this. Despite 'mastering' a few sections, I found I retained very little because I did it all in one sitting.


Perhaps I don't fully grasp what you mean, but, you can click on Vocabulary and a link on that page(your vocabulary) is provided to "practice weakest words"?


I think they mean be able to mark a word that duolingo thinks we know well as a word that we don't. I think this feature would be really useful, I am learning French for the first time, and duolingo has decided that several words are "in my long term memory" which aren't.

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