"Ви працюєте де-небудь?"

Translation:Do you work anywhere?

July 23, 2015

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Is it right to say: "Do you work somewhere?"


Is the intent of this question to determine if the individual is able to work anywhere he might be needed or is the question simply do you have work?


Do you work somewhere is also correct--we say either in English


I know not everyone knows Swedish, but... Does небудь work just like som helst? In other words, does this work as any in the affirmative statements?

  • I work anywhere - Я працюю де-небудь

Or is it just reserved for interrogative questions?


You got it!

Actually, I know nothing about Swedish, but yes, that's how this works in Ukrainian. You can add it to any question word: хто-небудь, що-небудь, яку-небудь (Дай мені ручку. Яку? Яку-небудь.)

There's actually another way to make all these constructions: будь. Будь-де, будь-коли, будь-чиї. And so on. But you really probably only need to know one.


You can't say it in this tense in English or Ukrainian. It would have to be "somewhere," unless the verb tense with words can, will, could, would, should, etc., are in the verb. Interrogative does work too.


I'm not sure I understand. Are you suggesting "I work anywhere" is wrong?

I agree that it does sound somewhat odd, but it's not technically wrong and there are contexts in which it would make sense: "Since the recession started, where have you been working?" "I work anywhere." (The implication being that this person will do anything to get a paycheck.)

More important is the way nunes89 grasped the grammatical function of "небудь," which was undoubtedly correct.


It would sound incorrect to English ears. You'd have to say "I would [I'd] work anywhere." Or I will work anywhere. Or I should work anywhere. You cannot currently work anywhere. You have to work somewhere currently. Just like, it cannot be, "I'm eating anything right now." I must be "eating something." Anyway, this is a Ukrainian course, not an English one. I just didn't want Swedish misunderstanding of English complicate the Ukrainian.


This question 'sounds' awkward. I'd use: "Чи ви працюєте десь?" Or "Де ви працюєте?"

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