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  5. "She has poor sight."

"She has poor sight."

Translation:Tá an t-amharc go dona aici.

July 23, 2015



The go in go dona isn't needed here, because dona is being used as an attributive adjective, not a predicative one. It's why FGB has Tá amharc maith agam instead of tá amharc go maith agam.


Why is it not "Tá amharc go dona aici?" The English doesn't have a definite article.


Just because English doesn't use the article doesn't mean it isn't required in Irish. Irish uses the article plenty of times when English wouldn't, for example with abstract nouns, such as this one.

That said, it looks like it should be perfectly acceptable without the article, though the go would need to be removed. This is based on FGB's example of Tá amharc maith agam


Thanks for that! I knew that the "go" should be dropped in such cases but absentmindedly wrote it due to being more concerned with the article issue. Thanks again!


Cad chuige nach bhfuil "ta an t-amharc bocht aici" ceart?


Tá amharc bocht aici was my contribution but marked wrong. Comments please.


níl radharc na súile maith aici ?

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