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  5. "He is funny, isn't he?"

"He is funny, isn't he?"

Translation:Tá sé greannmhar, nach bhfuil sé?

July 23, 2015



would "Tá sé greannmhar, nach bhfuil?" not be more natural here?


"Tá sé greannmhar, nach bhfuil?" is correct and should not be marked as incorrect.


Tá sé greannmhar, an ea?

When the sentence was, "She's a good woman, isn't she?" an ea was acceptable for Isn't she. In this sentence, though, an ea was marked wrong. They said I should have used "nach bhfuil sé." Is this a case of "I can use it, but you can't", or is there a real reason that it cannot be used in this case?


It's because the sentence is formed with , not is as in 'she is a good woman'. Also, I'd argue it'd be more common without the


The second sé is only available under a very restricted set of circumstances. I wrote a paper about it, but it is not currently published.


I'd be interested in it if it does get published.


So would omitting the second se be acceptable here?


Ah, yes, I do recall being asked to use the same verb in the reply as in the question, and I guess the same rule applies, to match the verb. Thanks for the reminder.


You mean the second sé right? I agree but it marked me wrong


Yes. And Duolingo likes literal answers, which is why I probably marked you wrong.


Sorry lads. .. if it was a sentence with "is" as the verb would it be "an ea" as the the tag question as suggested above or "nach ea".... or never acceptable that way?


I put 'nach bhfuil?' and omitted the sé and was marked incorrect. We were always taught to answer this kind of question with the verb only. Thanks for reinforcing this, galaxyrocker.


how about, is greannmhar é nach bhuil sé?


greannmhar is an an adjective, not a noun, so you say Tá sé greannmhar, not is greannmhar é.

To use the copula, you'd have to attach the adjective to a noun - is fear greannmhar é, and then your tag question would have to change so that it also used the copula - nach ea.

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