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Latin enthusiasts, let us unite!

Salvete, amici. If you are a Latin learner, teacher, speaker or enthusiasts, please consider joining our group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/salveteamici/

Also, if you know Latin, please apply for it in the Incubator or ask someone who knows the language too to do so.

Latin is still used all over the world and many people learn it for several reasons. A motivating method like Duolingo would certainly help them to learn this amazing language :)

Don't worry: Chinese, Japanese and others will be coming to Duo soon too, a course developpment doesn't affect another courses.

Pax, amici!

July 24, 2015



I would love to review what I learned from 2 years of high school Latin and extend my understanding of Latin. Are any of you willing to help?


Given it is a foundation to so many terms scientific and otherwise it is surprising that Latin is not already on option on Duolingo.


Yeeey! Latin enthusiasts! I'm planning on applying for the incubator, today or tomorrow. I really hope they will add Latin sometime soon!


I'm in that group since yesterday! =)

Anyway, I don't know if this serves... https://www.change.org/p/dulingo-add-latin-to-languages-to-learn


I just applied a few hours ago. I also got people from my old Latin class to sign the petition.


Yeah I really wanna learn Latin


I would love to refresh my Latin, but worry about it confusing me, as I am learning Italian.


Yes, yes, yes!!! I'd love it!


I'm going to apply tomorrow. Duolingo would be a great medium for learning this great language


Hopefully Latin will happen soon! Very much looking forward to studying it in University next year and a Latin course here would help tremendously- I don't just want to read Latin- I want to speak it! Sure after a couple of years I'll be able to meet other duolingoers who have learnt it here!


I'm amidst learning Portuguese and would like to learn Klingon. However I will gladly sign anywhere my support for a Latin course here as I intend eventually to learn Latin.


I plan to learn latin later this summer, so I guess I will join your group from now, hopefully it will be a nice experience.


I can't wait for Latin to make its appearance in the incubator. :) I find extinct languages fascinating, and would love to help this one stay alive. (Wish it had taken the place of Klingon. :c)

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