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Certificate of completion

To be able to print a certificate to say that you now know (for example) Italian and this certificate can be used as proof on your CV.

December 30, 2012



I think that would be great. Or, if we could roughly match your level on Duolingo with a score on other forms of certification, such as the ACTFL proficiency tests.


Maybe DuoLingo can eventually have their own proficiency tests and certifications, and then we'll just have to let the free market decide whether or not that means anything in comparison to other tests and certificates.

Perhaps you can use something like Skype or FaceTime with your language experts to ensure speaking fluency.

Just a thought.


In my opinion, Duolingo shouldn't do this. Finishing a language course here doesn't mean that the person who finished it now fluently speaks that language.

And if you mention you speak French on your CV (résumé), what reason would a company have not to believe you?

(Upvoted your post anyway because it's not a bad idea)

Update: people downvoting, please share your thoughts about this topic. As said I'm just sharing my opinion here, feel free to share yours too!


The certificate does not have to claim or give an impression of fluency. Almost all certification schemes reflect different levels of knowledge or ability. By your logic no-one should be given an award or piece of paper to attest to their level of education until they have attained a PhD or similar.

I took French and Spanish many, many years ago at school. I took national examinations in those languages and obtained a passing grade and certificates which employers know and respect. I'm am not even close to being fluent in those languages but neither was anyone else taking those exams, the level to which I learnt would probably be classed as basic to intermediate, but still useful to some employers who only occasionally deal with foreign clients.

Since I took those subjects at school I have forgotten much which is why I'm here on Duolingo hoping to refresh and improve my language skills. The Spanish I've learnt here has exceeded what I spent two years learning at school, I would personally love to attain something more tangible than self-satisfaction at the end of the course. Even better if it's something which may even lead me on to higher levels of education, or which sets me apart from other job applicants.


If it was actually important to know another language for your job all they would need to do is ask you to demonstrate. And unless you have done a significant amount of study somewhere else, all we can demonstrate is that we can translate some short articles. Of course anyone can print some sort of certificate, so I would guess employers know how meaningful that might or might not be. I would just rather see Duollingo staff devote their time to developing the overall teaching method.


I don't know if that would mean anything. I have completed the Spanish section and am certainly not very skilled in that language. There is no meaningful speaking component within the Duolingo language lessons and you can't say you have learned a language without speaking it.


Nice idea. It would be upto an employer to decide its value. It may show an employer that you are self motivated. If it was necessary for the job someone within the business could fairly easily test your fluency. If not there are books with exam pages in them that they could set you.

I am here because I cant find any part time courses with exam qualifications for older people. I motivate better if there is a goal. Duo Lingo provides me with goals.


I would love a certificate. It shows that you have put a lot of time and effort into learning something. Besides a proof on your CV, i would like to have it for personal use. Can Duolingo please consider making a certificate?


I think the certificate is a good idea, provided it is put in the context of other qualifications. Many certificate providers have settled upon common reference levels to designate proficiency, i.e. A, B, C. I would like DuoLingo to that, instead of using a numeric scale. Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_European_Framework_of_Reference_for_Languages


I agree with Dave. That way we have an idea where the learner is in the framework used in real certifications.


That's simply a great idea. I hope Duolingo whill adopt it!


I would like to be able to print the progress reports and certificate as well for my own satisfaction. Taking a screenshot of it is there is just not the same. I would like to be able to post my progress reports and certificate of some quality as they represent a whole lot of work on my part. I as well look forward to this being added. For myself , I am not in need of a CV, but I can understand how this may be desired by others. Sure either way, it is no guarantee of fluency, but the language learner knows the work they have put into it and can be proud of it. Either way an employer is going to want to interview in the language to check fluency.


you could use what you learned in duolingo and take a regular language test that gaurantees you a certificate of proficiency in that language

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