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"De blev sparket ud af paradis, fordi hun spiste et æble."

Translation:They were kicked out of paradise, because she ate an apple.

July 24, 2015



He ate it too.


FFS! Nowhere is an apple specified. It was fobidden fruit, not apple


The moral here is if a snake talks to you its probably better not to listen

And just because a talking snake with legs told you to eat something maybe think again before you do it. (especially if you were just repeatedly told specifically not to eat it, by an omnipotent being who created you, the snake, the fruit, and the entire universe in just six days)

I'm just saying if it's between God and a mutant reptile, I hope you can make the right choice next time you're looking for a snack. (but if you do eat the wrong fruit, I hope your landlord will be more forgiving than God was and hopefully not kick you out because of this misunderstanding)


According with sumerian tales the apple was knowledge this god was keeping for himself so this other god gave the apple to them so they could be free from slavery... According to greek mythology prometheus gave the power of fire to men so Zeus got mad and divided humanity's power into two parts.... And so i can keep referring similar scenarios that supposedly happened in the past...


lol...Damn talking snake.


Sure, put all the blame on the woman.


Moral is never take fruit from someone's garden without permission or you'll never be allowed back again.

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