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  5. "Farfar liker fisk og sitron."

"Farfar liker fisk og sitron."

Translation:My paternal grandfather likes fish and lemon.

July 24, 2015



How is it that it's "my grandfather" if there is no 'min'?


In Norwegian, the possessive is often omitted when referring to certain family members.

"Mor", "far", "mamma", "pappa", "bestefar", "morfar", etc. are prime suspects. Adding the possessive is still fine, and preferred if omitting it could cause confusion.

The same thing is done when referring to body parts.


So if you refer to someone else's grandfather you'd say "Farfaren din"?


I am not culinary at all, so would this be fish with lemon on it, or a hunk of fish with a chunk of lemon? Or is it ambiguous and I'm over thinking it?


Yeah you are overthinking it, the guy just seem to enjoy his fish and lemon : P


I quite like squeezing lemon in sardines when I have them... Maybe he does too. :P


Fish and lemon are an amazing combo. Whether oven-roasted fish with slices of lemon on top, or fish poached in water with tons of lemon, or just grilled fish with a sprinkling of fresh lemon juice, morfar liker det!


Linn, (or is it Deli?) thanks for that. 07May17


Bare hyggelig! Linn is fine, my username is of the "my first two choices were taken" variety.


Hvorden kenner den uglen det? (Han er riktig!)

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