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  5. "Eighty six hryvnyas"

"Eighty six hryvnyas"

Translation:Вісімдесят шість гривень

July 24, 2015



does г always sound like "h", or does it depend on the word?


That's what Ukrainian г is: https://goo.gl/aFaJ0o. It's not really "h", but "h" is close enough. This exact sound doesn't exist in English at all


It's something between "g" and "h". You can also often hear it in southern regions of Russia. E.g. my mother grew up in Stavropol region where cossacs lived in the times of Russian Empire, and people there all pronounce "г" in that manner.

As noted above, there's no really such sound in English. The most similar one I've ever heard is Dutch "g" as it's pronounced in the Southern Dutch provinces like Noord-Brabant.

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