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"Fuair seal ar an gcapall ar an bhfeirm."

Translation:I got a turn on the horse on the farm.

July 24, 2015



Over here "on the farm" usually denotes a state of permanence. For example "When I was on the farm" implies an occupational relationship akin to "When I was farming/a farmer/farm labourer" Whereas "at the farm" implies a more superficial visit to a farm without there being a professional commitment to it.


On the farm or at the farm. Either works for me, though in this sentence I would probably go with at if only to avoid repetition of on.


I keep translating this in to English as "at the farm" and not "on the farm" and consequently being marked wrong for it. Don't know whether to report it or not. Would you say "at the farm" differently in Irish than "on the farm"? Mar shampla, would it be "ag an bhfeirm" for "at the farm"? If so, then I guess I've answered my own question!


You answered your own question. It's basically because Duolingo likes literal translations. Though, interestingly enough, "on the farm" is much more common in my dialect.


GRMA. Sometimes I'm not even sure how to speak English. I'm sure I've said it both ways.


Can someone explain what is meant by "I got a turn on the horse"? Not an English native speaker here. Does it mean I managed to turn on the horse? Or that I was turning the horse while sitting on it? Or that the horse turned away from me? It just does not make sense to me.


To me, it means I got a chance to ride the horse. Imagine a bunch of kids visiting a farm or at a fun fair, and they have horses or ponies for the kids to ride (once around a ring!) Each kid gets a turn to ride the horse.


That's exactly what seal means in this case - a "turn" or a "go". For example when playing a game where each person plays "in turn", one after the other, you can say Is é do sheal é - "it is your turn" or Fan le do sheal - "wait for your turn".

"go" is often used instead of "turn" - Bhí seal aici ar an luascán - "she had a go on the swing".

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